Vivaha Bhojanambu

#FOODIESQUAD we were invited for food tasting and the food was on the house. So the session was organized on 9th Jan 2017.  Vivaha Bhojanambu Vivaha means marriage Bhojanambu means Food feast. The place serve some of the best Andhra and Telangana Cuisine dishes which is hot and spicy in taste.


The place is nice and sleek for the fine dining experience. As you enter inside the place there is reception and it has good space for the people to wait for their table reservation. On the right side of the reception you have dining space. Behind the reception there is stair case which takes you to first floor where you have a big space then you have three separate family section area. As you move towards the outer side of first floor it has big open top roof area for dining.


Rajahmundry Rose Milk:

                                 It’s a most refreshing and famous drink from Rajahmundry. It is a mixture of rose syrup along with almond milk and normal milk. The drink tasty and creamy.

Miryala Rasam (Pepper Cumin Rasam):

It’s a spicy tangy Rasam made of tamarind, black pepper and cumin. The taste of the hot and spicy Rasam was excellent it was perfect for the cool climate the tanginess and pepper flavor providing your body antidote to beat the cold.

Miryala Rasam

Vankai chips (Brinjal Chips):

Brinjal chips were one of my favorite dish from the starter as it is similar to baigun bhaja dish from Kolkata. Both the dishes has similar kind of taste but the size of each Brinjal in baigun bhaja is thick were as in chips it has thin slice and it’s little bit crispy at the edges of the chips.

Vankai Chips

Spicy Corn Wrap:

                       The corn wrap was good as the stuffing was well marinated with all the spices wrapped in a shape of spring roll. The wrap was deep fried to give perfect crunch outside the wrap.

Spicy Corn Wrap

Chepa Chips:
It’s a fried fish chip served as a starter. The fish slice were thin and dipped into the batter and deep fried. The fish chips has perfect crunch and the fish is moist and juicy inside. It was topped with little bit of chat masala and fried curry leaves on the top.

Chepa Chips

Golkonda Kodi:

                       One of my favorite dish Golkonda kodi. The chicken is marinated with some spices then a thin slice of potato is taken and the chicken piece is placed in center and skewed with tooth pick and dipped in the batter and then deep fried. The crunchiness of potato and juiciness of chicken is perfect combo with chat masala sprinkled on the top to enhance the flavor.

Golkonda Kodi

Khandari Kodi Kebab:

                            It’s a chicken drumsticks which was marinated with spices and seasoning cooked in charcoal fire. The chicken was perfectly juicy moist and tender as the marination and flavor went till the chicken bone. It was served with onion salad mixed with mayonnaise and mint chutney.

Khandari Kodi Kebab

Vankai Pulao:

                  Vankai Pulao is nothing but Brinjal Pulao or biryani. The Pulao is a flavored rice with that Brinjal curry is made separately and mixed with pulao. The pulao was tasty rice grains were perfectly cooked and the masala of brinjal curry was simple and perfect.

Vankai Pulao

Nellor Mamsam Pulao:

                           It’s mutton pulao made in typically Nellore style. The pulao was tasty and spicy too. It was one of the star dish for the night. The rice were flavor full and the rice grains were big and perfectly cooked. The mutton was moist and tender which has all the taste from the spices.

Nellor Mamsam Pulao


Guava Jamun Delight:

                          With the unique name dessert was something really different as the name is Guava Jamun delight. Is combination of two different fruit cheese cake with cake based and topped with condense milk. The taste was blissful and so yummilicious. The dessert has added the best ending to the wonderful dinner.

Guava Jamun Delight

Must Try Dishes:

  1. Rajahmundry Rose Milk
  2. Vankai chips (Brinjal Chips)
  3. Golkonda Kodi
  4. Khandari Kodi Kebab
  5. Nellor MamsamPulao
  6. Star Guava Jamun Delight


The service quick and fast with proper response from the staffs and guiding us through the menu and providing the names of the dishes served to us.

Overall Experience:

                              The experience is was not an ordinary it was extra ordinary all of us enjoyed the food and services. The place is not meant for one or two visit. The more you visit and the more you explore with different items to enjoy.


Ambiance: 4.5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall Experience: 4.5/5

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