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We always plan for wonderful weekends to get rid of our whole week stress and pressure. So we plan for a better weekend plan either to spend some time with family or with friends partying hard with loud music and dance. As Hyderabad has changed a lot for its nightlife with a lot of pubs and clubs started. So here is the happening place of Hyderabad i.e. “Amnesia Lounge and Bar”. The place has a lot of energetic vibes with the live music and a great crowd to accompany for the wonderful eve. 

As I was invited here for a new menu launch session with my foodie friends. We had a great time over the food and with the live music. As it was Saturday night the music was played by #Harish&Martin

Talking about the food I have heard a lot about the food and my expression where little bit mixed with multiple responses from the people. So my expectations were like some good or satisfying item will be ok for me. But when food started serving to us it has blown my mind and I was like this amazingly good.


  Sesame Prawns was the first item served to us. It is a cutlet made of prawns and other boiled veggies smashed & made a paste of it. The sesame prawns cutlets were properly cooked and the spices were perfectly infused into it. We all love Fries. Aren’t we whenever we go to any restaurant the first thing we order is fries. So the next item, we had is Paneer Makhani on Fries they have taken the fries to another level of creativity with the Paneer Makhani gravy with the small chunks of fresh paneer spread on the top of fries was amazing.  Then we had Dilkush Paneer a nice big slice of soft & fresh paneer marinated with spices and skewed in the wooden skewer. The paneer was well cooked and all the spices and flavors were inside the paneer. Mushroom Galouti kebab nice creamy textured kebab and it was well spiced. As the kebab was having a lot of chickpeas in it. The taste was smooth but it was overpowering the flavor of the mushroom. Veg Cheese Burger I must say they have perfectly replicated the McDonalds veg burger for that 100 points the amount of sauce lettuce the patty everything was perfect. But one thing that they did was the burger patty which was crispy and crunchy than McDonald’s burger patty. Chicken Pyramids minced chicken meat along with the boiled veggies wrapped with the breadcrumbs. Crisp and crunchy on the outside and soft from inside. Barbeque Chicken Wings it was a little bit on the sweeter side than the smokey. But the sauce was perfectly glazed on the wings. Garlic Bread the perfect dish of the night. As the garlic bread was stuffed and topped with the generous amount of cheese. Now the star dish of the day was Farm Fresh Chicken Pizza the thin crust pizza topped with generous amount chicken olives and cheese. The center part of the pizza was soft and the outer area was a little bit crunchy and smokey due to it the flavor of the pizza was getting enhanced.


As the new menu of the mocktails was little bit lengthy so I have remembered just couple of  names from the Mocktails i.e.

  1. Pina colada
  2. Pitbull
  3. Green apple mojito
  4. Couple of Milk based mocktails and
  5. The last one was the fancy big injection based mocktails. These mocktails are being served in an injection syringe.















Ambiance: 4.5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/51

Overall Experience: 4.5/5


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