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#FoodieSquad was invited for food tasting session in Sly Tech Bar. They has wonderful quote “Techies never Quit”. The food were on the house. Sly Tech Bar a new restaurant in Kondapur and the third venture from Azure Hospitality with different concept and prospective which is truly dedicated to the techies of Hyderabad. So the year 2016 has been ended with one of the best places in Hyderabad.


Talking about the place it has been well decorated with the techie aspect as soon as you enter inside on the right side there is seating arrangement near to that bar is there. Right next to that there is DJ area to play wonderful music. As soon you enter there is a table which is used for two purpose one is stress buster by playing table tennis and next is serving the long group people at a time. Then there is Bossy chair to make you feel like you’re the boss for the night. The walls were covered with graffiti and cartoon images. Then they have a smoking area were you can share your experience about the place by writing on the wall.


Chicken Biryani Balls:

The name of the dish excites you a lot and when you are fan of biryani and you get the new version of it make you more curious. So the chicken biryani ball were one of the tastiest dish we have started in starters. The biryani was tasty and flavor full made in deep fried balls accompanied with tamarind chutney and mint chutney.

Chicken Biryani Ball

Fish pointing Fingers:

                                   It’s not a typical fish finger with thick batter but these one with light batter and fluffy with crisp out and the fish was moist and tender along with garlic mayonnaise dip.

Fish Pointing Finger

80s Jalapeno & Cheese peppers:

                                                     Gooey Cheese ball with jalapeno infused. The Cheese ball were well fried and perfectly crisp out-side. The soft gooey cheese balls accompanied with potato wafer that’s gives a crunch to the dish.

80s  Jalapenos & Cheese Peppers Ball

Dharamsala Chicken Momos:

                                           I have tasted momos in various places in Hyderabad but the taste what I have found over here is complete different momos were well steamed and cooked the dip sauce was one of the amazing I had any other place.

Dharamshala Chicken Momos

Toast Master:

                     Toast master its fried toast starter with veggies and mashed potatoes with sesame seeds topping. As the dish is fried one the toast was little bit oily and sesame seed was empowering the whole flavor of the dish. The dish was served with chilli mango dip which was good and enhancing the toast flavor.

Toast Master

Beijing Rotation Shrimp:

                                    The Beijing rotation shrimp was just like toast master but this one has shrimp paste and sesame seeds along with chilli mango dip. As the sesame seed was dominating the taste a lot in these too.

Beijing Rotation Shrimp

Chilli Cheese Toast:

                            The chilli cheese toast was better than the previous too toast as the melted cheese with sprinkle chilli flakes was good and cheese to. It was served tomato ketchup.

Chilli Cheese Toast

 SF BBQ chicken Wings:

                                  BBQ wings was one of the best wing I had in recent time. Where the wings were perfectly cooked and glazed with bbq sauce. The meat taste was little sweet, spicy and smoky with that garlic mayo dip was served.

SF BBQ Chicken Wing

Boss – Pulled Mutton Tacos:

The look of the dish was one of the appealing dish for the night the Boss pulled mutton taco. The taco shells were soft with shredded tandoor mutton raan in it mixed with mint chutney and sour cream served with mint chutney. The perfect combo of flavor and taste that get burst in your mouth.

Boss – Pulled mutton taco

So Fried! Chicken Sliders:

                                         It’s a mini burger type cooked in Louisiana style with fried chicken melted cheese and caramelized onions on the top along with this potato wafer and banana cinnamon dip was served. The burger was too good but the dip was amazingly good.

So Fried! Chicken Slider

Tenderloin Sliders:

It’s an American style beef burger where the beef patty was well spiced and cooked and topped with then melted cheese and caramelized onions. The patty was juicy and moist the flavor was dripping from sides and the banana cinnamon dip truly amazing dish.

Tenderloin Slider

Chicken Tikka Roll:

                             One of the best tikka rolls you can have it over here which has lot of flavor and texture. The chicken was made with bhopali achari and other spices and it was cooked in tandoor wrap under Laccha paratha served with choorma papad along with mint chutney.

Chicken Tikka Roll


  1. Peach lemon tea.
  2. Thai lemon nimbu paani
  3. Orange no mojito
  4. Peach mojito


             The dessert is alcoholic based so didn’t tried that but the verdict from my friends about it was good.

Must Try Dishes:

  1. Chicken Biryani Balls
  2. Dharamsala Chicken Momos
  3. SF BBQ chicken Wings
  4. Boss – Pulled Mutton Tacos
  5. So Fried! Chicken Sliders
  6. Tenderloin Sliders
  7. Chicken Tikka Roll


            The service was amazingly good. It was like lighting fast dishes were properly lined up one after another. The staffs were good humble and courteous.

Overall Experience:
The overall experience was amazing the ambiance and service was too good. The place is very well to relax with your friends after hectic week with amazing food and with wonderful mocktails.

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Ambiance: 4/5

Service: 4.5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Overall Experience: 4.5/5

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