About Me

“One cannot thing well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf

No I am normal person because i have flavor of two states born in one state and brought up in another state where there is huge culture of food and love to each others lives. Where a vegetable name (Baigan) is used to correct your non-sense speech and another place where even they scold you in a sweeter tone (Ki Dada Tumar matha kharab aachay Ki). The combination of this two flavor made me “Mad Over The Food” that is the reason why i love food a lot and lot over any thing. The journey of a foodie has been started from very young age of mine as its a genes what i have got from my foodie dad who love to eat and cook for us.  So from here i have started my journey of food where i have tried different types of cuisines.

Now i am sharing my dining experience with everyone and taking it to next level where i can discuss about the food with other food loving people and share the experience and must to have dishes . To find out which place has what sort of cuisine and there specialty of the dishes they make to enhance your mood and feel you happy for having good place to dine-in


Afzal Imam aka Food Khalifa