The Nawaab’s

In the pelota of different cuisines making its mark in the city of nawab’s the taste palate of the city has been outrageous in terms of people trying to mark with all aspects of cuisine available in Hyderabad. The number of restaurants in Hyderabad is always ready to experiment with different style of cuisine and food available in the market, but there are rare and very few restaurants in the city that has taken up the local cuisine to the next level apart from many biryani outlets across the city. In the lane from gachibowli to miyapur road has multiple 5-star properties and many pan Asian and other cuisine restaurants there makes a new entrant “The Nawaabs” it’s a multi-cuisine family dine-in a restaurant that serves some lip-smacking Mughlai, Chinese, and Hyderabadi cuisine food. The restaurant is divided into 2 sections ground floor and first floor with seating arrangements for families and other customers. The place can accommodate pax around 100-150 people at once. They got a sleek ambiance with great seating arrangements and have a great fine-dining vibe for family dining.

Talking about the food:

Kakori Kebab: The dish comes from one of the greatest British conspiracy city Kakori which located 14 km away from Lucknow city. The city is not only famous for that but also for some delicious kebabs and kakori kebab is one of them that has made it into the limelight. The creamy soft texture of meat bound with some aromatic and subtle spices along with sattu to hold the shape of the meat is one of the best kebabs that Indian cuisine has delivered to the world. Every bite of this kebab was melting in the mouth so easily that it looks like how butter melts on a hot pan. I just fell in love with the taste and texture of this kebab which was beautifully executed by the chef.

Chapli Kebab: The Mughlai cuisine is a great influence for the kebab in Indian cuisine as they were experts in creating many types of kebabs that are available in the market right now and some forget ones which are still made in the house of those cultural inheritance families. The origin of Chapli kebab comes from the northern district of Pakistan which is Pashtun it’s a tribe that resides in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Chapli kebab has traveled a lot across Pakistan and India and the taste and texture of the kebab have kept on evolving from place to place and region to region. The Chapli means a flat kebab that has grounded meat with some minimal spices like salt black pepper powder, chopped onion, green chilies, and coriander leaves. Then this kebab is marinated and shallow fry in hot tawa with pure ghee to give that creamy texture. I have been eating a similar kebab made by my dad which has the same taste and texture that he has learned from my grandmother. The first bite of this delicious dish just made me comfortable as if I am having it at home.

Galouti Kebab: The Galouti kebab another great creation from Awadhi cuisine dish that is still winning the heart of kebab lover and will keep on doing it. Though the dish doesn’t have a huge impact history of its invention because has been invented due to the king’s unable to chew the meat and his love towards the meat has brought this delicious dish into the limelight. Galouti kebab is one of my most favorite kebabs as it just melts in your mouth so easily and the taste is just super enough to enjoy every bit of it. The chef has kept the authenticity of the dish’s taste and texture was exactly similar to the one you will find in the streets of Lucknow.

Tangdi Kebab: The dish was excellent as the marination was on point with the flavors and texture of the meat. As the marination was so good that meat was juicy and tendered enough. But the meat needed to cook a little more as I found some blood traces inside the meat covered the bones.

Murgh Malai Kebab: It’s a random creation of a kebab made for a necessity that has a creamy texture and very mild spices in comparison with other kebabs. The malai kebab was perfectly cooked and well-tendered meat chunks.

Gosht Nihari: The origin of this dish is still dicey as it is claimed by 2 cities of India is Old Delhi and Hyderabad (Telangana) whom so ever has created this delicacy has made a huge impact on Indian cuisine. This dish is mostly consumed during the winters as it creates a huge heat inside the body to fight against the cold. Nalli Nihari is a meat stew that is cooked slowly for hours to get perfect favors of spices, and it is made of shank meat of lamb, goat, sheep, camel, and beef. One of my favorite childhood dishes I love eating this with some hot daal puri. The taste was super delicious and the meat was so succulent, tendered that was melting in the mouth perfectly. The nihari (broth) was damn flavorful and delicious.

Zafraani Biryani: The Hyderabadi city is the capital city of Biryani and non-other place can compete with apart from Kolkata and Lucknow they have a different style and taste but Hyderabadi biryani can be always top as they have lots of varieties of the biryani like sufiayni, dum, kacchi yakhni, pakki yakhni, and zafraani biryani. So, this place has one of the best zafraani biryani across the Hyderabad city I have eaten from.

Desserts: After that scrumptious and delicious food spread we ended with some more delicious delicacy of the restaurant phirni and double ka meetha they were damn fantastic ones but the phirni stoles everyone’s heart, and we had almost 4-5 cups of phirni. 


Ambiance: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Food: 5/5

VFM: 5/5

Overall Experience: 5/5