Café’s in Hyderabad is a trending thing that is booming day by day now, and then we hear about a new café is being started in so-and-so location. The reason for café’s trending in Hyderabad is the place has not only a good and peaceful ambiance but also has a portion of good food to enjoy with friends or spent some peaceful time alone. A new café named Cravery started its operations right after the lockdown at Filmnagar Jubilee hills. The place has a cozy and minimal interior with a great aesthetic color vibe which can accommodate at least 40-45 pax at once. This seating arrangement is made into 2 sections one is outdoor which accommodate 10 people and the rest capacity of the customer is seated in the inside section. 

Talking about the food:

So, after admiring the entire café with some great clicks of it we sat down to hog on the food as I was damn hungry and quite fascinated to taste the delicious-looking food that was being served on other tables.

Three leaf apple walnut salad: It’s one of the best fresh salads I had in recent times. The taste was so good on-point flavors as the leafy veggies have got their own soft and crunchy texture but the crunch from fresh thin-sliced apple and chopped walnuts are the next level of taste. The sweet and tangy salad dressing gave the salad the perfect taste and flavor that it requires.

Quinoa Salad: As soon as I read the name of the dish though it is the best dish for a health freak person. Gave a thought and still ordered this dish to give it a try. As soon as the dish was served it was an eye-soothing one because the present was so apt it looks delicious to drool. The dish was nicely plated in layers the bottom layer contains finely chopped beetroot on a top-placed quinoa salad with beautiful decoration green and yellow thin-sliced zucchini rolls and with some droplets of sweet red dressing across the plate. The taste was superb not only it satisfies the eyesight but also soothes the soul with its taste and texture.

Mozzarella Sticks: I love cheese-based dishes as it’s one of the best dishes to relish and hard to mess-up with it, you have to know how to perfectly pair with it. These mozzarella sticks were so delicious and so damn cheesy that it has long stretchy cheese pulls too gooey and hot to eat. It was served with tangy mayo which was enhancing the damn taste to the next level.

Sriracha Wings(Baked): These wings were love and my personal favorite as the taste was so scrumptious and delicious I bet you won’t stop with one or two-piece of wings. The wings were perfectly coated with sriracha sauce that the flavors were well inside the bones and the meat was so tendered and succulent easily coming out of the bone. The after-taste of the wings was the best as slowly the heat of the sriracha hits from your lips to tongue make to crave for more and more wings to eat.

Brekkie Brioche: Another star dish from the menu that blown me with the taste and texture of it. The presentation was so apt that you can feel the individual taste perfectly rather than the overall domination of all ingredients.  The bread was perfectly toasted it was neither too crunchy nor too soft but just perfectly made. Then the chicken sliced were perfectly cooked in spices which so juicy enough for each bite placed on atop fresh and crunchy lettuce leaf and on the top sunny side up egg made it damn creamy and gooey in taste for every bite you have it.

Blueberry Brioche: After having such delicious savory brioche I was quite perplexed to try the sweet version but in the end, I was happy to try that because the taste was quite unique, and it was as delicious as the savory one too. So, here we have again the same perfect bread slice topped with delicious blueberry compote which has a very tiny piece of fruit hard to find on a very rare occasion you might get to bite it, but I can guarantee that bite will be your best bite with fresh whipped cream on the top.

Roast Chicken with mashed potato: This dish is a complete one meal for two-person the amount of food being served on this plate is quite huge as it has roasted chicken, baked veggies, and creamy mashed potatoes with some damn creamy gravy which can stuff you well. The chicken was perfectly cooked as the spices were well infused inside the chicken and those baked veggies giving the crunch texture to the dish which was fantastic and if you mix mashed potatoes with that the taste will superbly damn good and amazing as it will have the thick gravy flavor made out of roasted chicken spices.

Cheese Pull Bread: This was my second experience with this dish, but I don’t remember the taste of the dish when I had it for the first time as it was such a long ago I had it. But I bet this one was the best one as each bread cube has the perfect amount of cheese coat and the best stretchy cheese pull it has one of the best quick bites on the menu.


As it’s a café they have a long list of drinks menu to choose from one or some of them, so I have a couple of items from the menu they all were amazing. Starting with I have ordered a cappuccino, chocolate-based cold coffee, Caramel cold coffee, and Burnt Rosemary mocktail. I am a big fan of cappuccino so the first thing I would love to have is a cappuccino then I have tried chocolate-based cold coffee felt the chocolate taste was quite dominating rather than coffee one. Then it was the caramel-based cold coffee perfectly balanced flavor of coffee and caramel. Final tried their best-selling drink Burnt Rosemary where the refreshing drinks have fresh rosemary leaves which burnt right in front of you and dunk inside to give that earthy flavor to the drink.


This café is one of the best places in Hyderabad that serves you some delicious desserts and their option in desserts are heaven you cannot settle with one dessert. Starting with their mini cakes the options were quite amazing I thought of having all from the display itself, but I had to control and ordered just one from it. The Café supreme was so delicious and creamy in texture it was finished just in a couple of seconds. Then came mille-feuille and some brownies and Blondie these were so good and mind-blowing desserts that I would love to revisit for these.


Ambiance: 5/5

Food: 5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall Experience: 5/5