Ohris Uppu

With Baseraa in 1976, Ohris started its legacy in the hospitality management industry, and then there is no looking back for them. The journey has created so much buzz among the customers that they have 22+ outlets across Hyderabad, each outlet has its own aura and experience.


 Uppu is located in Banjara hills where ohris acquires an entire commercial complex with other outlets. In that, they have Havemor, Serengeti, Far east, and Uppu. Uppu is located on the first floor of the complex with an authentic Telugu ambiance with a good amount of seating space.

Let’s talk about Food:

Reminiscing the Andhra style food on the menu the place has made its worth to my list as every individual dish makes you mouth-watering and keeping other region folks in mind the restaurant hasn’t level-up the spice level so, that it can easily consume by everyone. Starting with starters, tala hua gosht is an authentic Hyderabadi dish and which doesn’t require any intro to anyone. Apart from the local restaurant, it’s really difficult to find this dish at any fine dining restaurant. But they have made it quite good, and it was one of the best dishes available on the menu. Now, waiter has served us Andhra chilli prawns tossed in tomato-based gravy which was quite subtle flavored dish to try from sea-food option on menu. The Tomato gravy was not that tangy, as it would have killed the texture of the fresh prawns by dominating too much. Next was Pepper fry Paneer, one of the few veg staters that we tried, and it was delicious enough. The rest 2 more appetizers were also fantastic enough. Now moving to the main course we tried a couple of combos from the menu, baghara rice with mutton dalcha which is quite popular among the Hyderabadi’s which they love to consume it every Friday. The taste was damn delicious to every bite of it, Then it was Garelu with Kodi Kura (which means chicken curry) the chicken gravy was super flavored with the spices and the tangy taste has quite elaborated the flavor of the dish. The crispy Garelu soaked in the gravy was super delicious. Now trying the most staple food of Andhra people, that is Ragi sangati with Natukodi Kura (Country Chicken Curry) it’s one of the healthiest items to try it on at any Telugu cuisine based restaurants.


They have one of the best desserts on the menu that is south Indian filter coffee mousse. The taste and texture of the item it’s quite a resemblance to tiramisu which is one of my favorite desserts and this one quickly became my favorite too.



Ambiance: 4.5/5

Food: 4/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall Experience: 4.5/5

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