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A new restaurant in city “Talking Hands”. So when I heard the name of the restaurant I was a little bit skeptical and curious to know more about this place. But still, I was thinking that why did they keep restaurant name as Talking hands and all. So when I reached to this place I was warmly welcomed by the staff with a smile on face. So while talking about the place I have come to know that the place is run by one of the NGO’s in Hyderabad which helps deaf and dumb people with the education and survival. And more interestingly thing over here is the staff working here are highly trained deaf and dumb people’s. Who is always ready to serve you with smile and curiosity.

                                                            Such a great initiation has taken by the NGO for these people who think that they are not as much as talented like others. As we know that maximum people working over here are deaf and dumb but there are few people who can hear and speak. So the wall of the place has been well decorated with the sign language that can help you to interact with people. They have the table paper mats which has sign language instructions.

The restaurant is perfect for the family dining which can accommodate max 60-70 people pax at a time. Moving to the food we had a great dining experience not only in terms of food but also while interacting the serving staffs.


The first dish served was chicken sour soup perfect spices and the flavor can be felt from the aroma of the soup. As it was good but little salt seasoning missing to make it perfect. The next dish was Murg Reshmi Kebab was good in taste. On the top of reshmi kebab, it was decorated with the fluffy cooked egg whites which complimenting the kebab taste. Then we had Paneer gold finger soft and fresh paneer cut into strips dipped in the batter and deep-golden fried. The paneer was well seasoned and all the flavors were there inside the paneer. Special Dry Chicken it was good as the other dishes had made there mark on my taste palate but this one was like okaish one for me. Next, we had Lemon chicken the Manchurian style of chicken pieces were tossed in the lemony garlic sauce which has strong hint of green lemon taste in each bite.

Main Course:

So for the main course, we had Kodi Iguru, Butter chicken with butter naan and lastly the chicken biryani. The butter chicken gravy was a little bit more tangy than usual but creamy too. Kodi Iguru was yummy as all the Telugu village flavor can be felt with each bite of it. Then we had an amazing chicken biryani which was giving the feeling home cooked chicken biryani.


And to end the meal we had yummy and delicious double ka meetha. The double ka meetha was a little bit overcooked but still, it was tasting good.

Talking about the talking hand’s experience we had an amazing time over here. The staff and crew were very much excited to serve us. While serving us the dish they were trying to tell us the dish names with the hand signs and expression.  It’s not about the rating only the dining experience it’s all about the feeling and message you want to convey to the people. I recommend this place to experience the new level of dining experience with these talented people and help to help their self. Your visit will help them to educate more kids like them and trained them into different professionals.

Rating :

Ambiance: 4.5/5


Service: 5/5

Overall Experience: 4.5/5

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