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Ten J a new restaurant for fine dining with amazing beer offer for the liquor lovers. This place is the combo of fine dining and as well as alcohol lovers place. Why did you know? Because with the amazing food they are serving the unlimited amount of draught beers within the amazing price of 499++ taxes. Isn’t it amazing guys. So the amazing offer is only for a buffet which is available for lunch and in dinner they have ala carte menu.

Talking about the place it can accommodate 60 to 80 pax at a time. The few sides of wall blackboard which has different thought’s written on them and few amazing picture frames. The servers have friendly nature.


Moving towards the food we had the ala carte menu dish prepared for us. We had two different types of soup Tom yum and Lime coriander veg soup and Royal lamb soup. The soups were okayish which needs a little bit of attention for the better taste and flavors to come out from the spices. Then we had Murgh Malai Tikka which was soft and tender with perfect chard around it. Awadhi ki Bob another kebab with good marination and the flavors were burst in the mouth. Rajputana Lal Tikka the signature dish of the restaurant was really good one bang on with the taste. Pita Bread and Hummus were, as usual, creamy and tasty. Crispy Corn was something different where it has all the flavors from the handful ingredients the extra additional was chopped green chilies due to this the taste went to the next level. Appam with veg Stew crispy at the edges and soft in the bottom served with the amazing veg stew cooked in coconut milk sweet and savory at the same time. Mamsam Vepudu and Kodi Vepudu this dish were good as the style of cooking was just like Telugu village style. Tawa fried Macchi another star dish of the day was fish. The slices were well marinated with the spices and shallowed fried on the tawa. The outer layer was perfectly fried and the edges where crispy as the softness were well maintained inside it. 

Main Course:

So the main course has another list of items as we were almost filled our quota of food for the day with minimal spaces left in our tummy so we just try Mutton Rau Ghosh. The well-spiced mutton gravy curry with a little bit of oil floating on the top perfect combo with the butter naan. The mutton pieces were well cooked as it was soft and tender.


 As a part of a tradition in every buffet where you get small pastries and ice-cream with small pieces of gulab jamun.  So the same was here too.

Amazing deal for unlimited draught beer with good and tasty food just for only 499++ taxes. 


Ambiance: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Value for Money: 4/5

Overall Experience: 4/5

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