Chai Pani Cafe

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Tea is a very common and famous item to drink among us. We have various reasons to have a cup of tea. Reasons are like stress buster let’s have a cup of tea, headache due to work pressure let’s have tea. So from bandi to 5-star restaurant serves the tea. So here I am presenting you guys with a new place called Chai Pani that serves amazing varieties of tea and snacks.

This place is located in Jubilee hills behind Tiki Shack. It has a great ambiance and good service. The seating arrangement has been in such a way keeping all the aspect of the customers. They have outdoor seating for the people who love tea and smoke combo. Then indoor seating has a working table with the socket to connect the power cable and the next arrangement is for a chilax area where you can sip your tea while reading a book or playing games with your friends. The indoor area has been decorated with bookshelves, games and antique items like the gramophone, typewriter, camera, phone etc.   

Last week on a rainy night I was here with my friends to enjoy the cup of coffee and amazing snacks. From food, we have ordered Chicken samosa, Chicken Keema paratha, Aloo paratha, masala Maggi, vada pau, dates with walnut cake, bun maska, pakodas. As the temperature was cold outside and we were having this hot and delicious item inside. From tea, we have tried 4 0r 5 items Ginger tea, Elaichi tea, Strawberry Flavoured Ice tea, Passionfruit ice tea, and Hibiscus tea. Ginger and Elaichi tea is the classic tea more over the flavored tea were also amazing no comparison can be done with this teas.

Must say the best place to chill and hang out with or without friends.


Ambiance: 4.5/5

Food: 5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall Experience: 4.5/5


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