#FOODIESQUAD we were invited by the management for tasting session and the food was on the house. Spice Klub is another restaurant venture from SM Group. The restaurant has recently started its operation couple of months back in Hyderabad. It a molecular gastronomical touch to the Indian cuisine. The restaurant has brought different types of dishes from across the India and gave a unique and modern touch to it. As the food gets touch from science lab which turns the food into more appealing and interesting to eat but also the presentation also make you amazed. As Spice Klub is experimenting a lot with the food and beverages which has increase the curiosity among the peoples too.


                  Hmm from where can I start it??? As you step inside the place the one word comes from your mouth mind blowing. It’s a nice spacious and well-arranged seating has been done then you have bar on the left side which is in the center side of it. As you move in you see wooden finishing on the walls. When you are in on the right side you can see cubical seating arrangement is also there. The ceiling were filled with lot of metallic semi bowl ceiling lights making the place perfectly beautiful.



                  The place serves on of the unique kind of mocktails. The mocktails has lot of molecular gastronomic touch and believe they were damn good.

Coconut Water with assorted Caviar:

                        The coconut water was served in semi spherical ball glass inside filled with liquid nitrogen to keep it cool. The Coconut water and the pulp of coconut was completely frozen. The drink was really so freakingly cool that literally we had to wait for some time so that we can enjoy our drink. And over the top of it red color caviar. Small jelly ball with rose flavor smooth and melts in mouth.

Kokum Margarita with Chilli Caviar:

                           So here is another star drink of the night were we enjoyed a lot in this drink. It has sweet, salty and tangy flavor with the unique taste it was served in the margarita glass. So tasty and refreshing drink we had. Now the caviar play new role with new flavor and this time its chilli green. It has hint of green chilli flavor.

Mango on the Rocks:

                        Most importantly this drink has another name that is “eat your drink”. This drink has mango pulp cut into dice pieces and then froze in the liquid nitrogen. Which has turn the mango pulp pieces into frozen ice-cream pieces. Now the mango pulp puree is added in the same bowl of frozen mango pulp. As the puree is mixed in the frozen pulp its start melting. It was so delicious and tasty you can resist after taking one bite of it.

Detox Water:

                 So mostly when we goes to any restaurant what we get is normal water or chilled water as per our requirement. But over here we were served with detox water with has lemon, orange and mint leave infused water which is good for our health. And we loved this kind of good gesture. Totally worth it to drink detox water with the delicious food.


Papads of India:

                       So here we have started with the starters we were served with assorted papads. Different kinds of papad like aloo papad rice flour papad the normal papads etc.


Vada Pav:

               So now we can thing is there is anything innovative we get in Vada pav. I can say yes even this has something unique what we can imagine about it. So we have to make our own vada pav here so started with green chutney and sweet chutney then we have asked to add spice sachet inside the pav without tearing it. As the sachet was edible which was made of potato starch. It was accompanied with additional chutney to make one of the flavor bomb to be blast in your mouth.


Aloo Burwaan:

                  This dish is completely different the potato is boiled and shaped into cylindrical shape and stuffed with cheese and bell pepper. The bell peppers were perfectly mixed with melted cheese and mixed with salt and pepper. Then it was cooked in grilled and served on miniature grill to be perfectly hot and cheesy to eat.

 Corn Tikki:
Corn tikki is something which doesn’t taste that great because all the flavor did not mix well. But it has all sort of taste and flavor till inside. It was deep fried till it gets golden and crispy topped with cream and nut.


Hazari Paneer Tikka:

                    The unique style of paneer tikka served to us. So the paneer tikka was well marinated with the tikka masala and diced onions. The paneer pieces were perfectly cut but the way it was presented it was looking like one bid slab of paneer was served to us. It was really strange that paneer was welled cooked and all the flavor was binded inside the paneer.


Galouti Kebab:

                  So till now I have tasted non-veg Galouti kebab but this one is too good. I must say the veg Galouti kebab almost taste same like non-veg the thing it doesn’t has is meat otherwise its damn good.

Palak cheese Cigars:

                      Did you ever tried the veg cigar that you can eat? So we have palak cheese cigar where cheese is wrapped in palak leave then dipped in the batter and deep fried it was served with sweet chilli sauce. It was too good yaar.

Papdi Chaat:

                This the dish what we have in our every now and then in our evening snacks. Its like nicely beaten curd with sweet and green chutney topped in it and garnish with sev. But over here it was little bit same beaten cheese and curd with sweet chutney and topped with coriander foam to give an exclusive look of modern touch.

Deconstructed Dhokla:

                        So here is one of the famous Guajarati dish got make over from ordinary look to deconstructed look. So it the same Dhokla which was served as crumble form like sand along with cheese curd frozen and big drop of mango pulp puree to give sweet and sour taste to it.


Paani Puri:

             It’s a favorite dish of india like “bhaiya ek plate paani puri deyna toh”. So even the paani puri got innovative change over like same kind of puri with the stuff but the sweet chutney was served in big syringe and the masala water was served in lab test tube like shot you can have it with the paani puri.


Main Course:

Dal Kabila:

               As I am not fan of dal that much but yes I can say that it was one of the good dal I have had. It was tasted like fried dal what we have at our place.


Tandoori Gobi Masala:

             This tandoori gobi masala was well marinated and tandoor in clay oven. But on the top with was cooked in the well spiced gravy to enhance the flavor of the gobi. But what I have felt that tandoori gobi was little bit under cooked.


Assorted Indian Breads:

                   So we were served with 6 different types of indian bread like butter naan, Garlic naan, flax seed naan, mishi naan etc.


Bubbling Kulfi:

              Now we have started with desserts so the star is bubbling kulfi which was frozen in liquid nitrogen to make a crystal kind of thing. It was served with 5 different sauce like caramel sauce, Blue Berry sauce, Chocolate sauce, caviar sauce, rasmalai sauce. The taste of bubbling kulfi was amazing with caramel sauce chocolate sauce and rasmalai what I have felt on my taste palate.

Flower Pot:

               So this dish is completely made just like resemblance of flower pot stuffed with rasmalai and kesar badam mix powder with topped with shaved chocolate in it. The presentation was spot on but it was lacking with in the taste.

Cheese Cherry Pineapple Delight:

               So the star of the dessert has arrived for the show stopper role. It was cheese and pineapple pulp has been turned into one of the best mousse place in crispy small bowl and topped with cherry. It was place on the pineapple pulp ice and blue berry ice-cream.

Paan Mousse:

The paan mousse is something new in the desserts. The mousse is made of paan leave and filled inside the paan leave and topped with white chocolate and freeze in liquid nitrogen to give it a perfect ice-cream kind of feel.

Must Try Dishes:

  1. Coconut Water with assorted caviar.
  2. Kokum Margarita with Chilli Caviar.
  3. Mango on the Rocks.
  4. Aloo Burwaan.
  5. Papadi chaat.
  6. Paani Puri.
  7. Vada Pav.
  8. Palak Cheese cigar.
  9. Hazari Paneer tikka.


            I must say that they have one of the amazing service that we have seen recently in many restaurants. The dish was properly lineup in the as soon as you are about to finish your served dish the next dish was served to us. And the staff was always on their feet to serve us without any delay or what.

Overall Experience:

                        So what can I say about the experience what we have felt over here. The place is perfect for family fine dining experience with the sleek look. The ambiance was perfect which has really given an absolute make over to the Indian cuisine and they have taken it to next level to keep the Indian cuisine alive in this modern era of junk and unhealthy food.


Ambiance: 4.5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall Experience: 4.5/5


          The Review or the feedback has been given on the service and food what has been served to us and it’s completely Unbiased.

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