#FOODIESQUAD we were invited for the food tasting session over here. Haiku recently started its operation and it is in same premises of kaficko. The Haiku restaurant is operating in second floor of the building. What does Haiku means? “Haiku” is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. As the name of the place has Japanese influence but kitchen has complete Pan-Asia Cuisine influence. As it was tasting session we were served with set menu and the food was on the house.


                 As you step inside the restaurant you will experience one of the nicely decorated place and the place has double deck seating arrangement. The place is nicely decorated with big basket light hanging on ceiling. The walls were completely wood finishing then cute little white small birds matching with decor hanging. Then flying bird wood art on the wall. From the wall art to hanging light then from cushion to cookery all were exceptional and beautiful. And the most important thing was each and every item used in decoration of restaurant is “Made in India”. So for us the table was arranged on the deck.


Welcome Drink:

                       So we have started our food journey with the two refreshing welcome drinks Ice tea and Bubble tea. Ice tea was I am not fan of ice tea that much so didn’t tried to drink much. But coming to Bubble tea it was something new with fresh fruit juice along with tapioca chewy ball. The welcome drink was really super sexy to start with.

Bubble Tea

Singaporean Penang Laksa Chicken Soup:

                               It is a spicy chicken soup cooked in coconut milk/cream along with rice noodles. The soup was creamy in texture which nice chunks of chicken cube pieces with noodles and sambal chilli slices to add extra spiciness to the soup.

Singaporean Penang Laksa Chicken Soup

Yasai Sarada:

                     Yasai Sarada means Vegetable salad but this salad has veggies as well as Japanese quinoa (Couscous) along with Japanese ginger ice-burg lettuce and Teri miso dressing nutty sweet in taste. I like the Yasai Sarada so much.

Yasai Sarada

Veg Starters:

Jade Tofu:

              So for the first time I have tried tofu and its taste better. Jade Tofu is a soft cottage cheese made of soy milk cooked with crushed green chillies mint chutney and spinach. Tofu was moist and little bit flavorful from inside. 

Jade Tofu

Thai Style Crispy Veg:

              The crispy veg was nice crunchy and tasty. The flavor of veggies perfect not empowering each other flavor. Veggies dipped in light batter then deep fried and tossed in Thai style sauce sweet and savory.

Thai Style Crispy Vegetable

Tangy Lotus Stem:

                         The crunchy sweet savory and tasty lotus stem you get over here. Stems were really flavorful as you take the bit of it the crisp of stem and the sauce in which it has been tossed was well coated to the stems garnished with sesame seed and spring onions.

Tangy Lotus Stem

Salt and Pepper Water Chestnut:

                           The water chestnut was well sauté in oil with chilli flakes   garlic, salt and pepper. As the outer layer of water chestnut was little hard but inside the taste was amazing. The taste was sweet tangy and little bit chilli.

Salt and Pepper Water Chestnut

Kagiage Maki Sushi:

                       The Kagiage means tempura deep fried veggies and Maki or makizushi means sushi rolls. So the veggies were deep fried and wrap with sticky rice to make sushi roll cut into sushi bite size pieces with couscous sprinkled on the top.

Kagiage Maki Sushi

Exotic Vegetable Dimsum:

                    The Dimsum was perfectly steam soft and moist. Veggies inside the Dimsum were completely soft and nicely seasoning to it.

Exotic Vegetable Dimsum

Non-Veg Starter:

Crispy Fish with Malaysian Sambal Chilli:

                       It was basa fish which was soft, moist tasty and flavorful which was quickly melting in mouth. And the fish pieces were cut into thin slice pieces then dipped in to the batter and deep fried. After that it was tossed in Malaysian sambal chilli sauce and garnished with chilli pieces on the top.

Crispy Fish with Malaysian Sambal Chilli


Rose Wine Prawns:

                   The succulent tasty and juicy prawns. It was one of the best starters what we had over here. Prawn size were big little bit of crisp due to batter and well tossed in the sauce. Garnished with spring onions sambal chilli and sesame seed.

Rose Wine Prawns

Crispy shredded lamb:

                      Bone less lamb meat shredded into strip pieces then marinated with seasoning and corn flour then deep fried till crisp. Then it is sautéed with veggies red chilli paste and other sauces. The lamb was really crispy and crunchy in taste and the sauce in which it was sauté was too good.

Crispy Shredded lamb

Prawn Dimsum:

                   Its non-veg version of Dimsum. The prawns were perfectly seasoned and wrap with the Dimsum and steamed to be perfectly tasted dish. It was served with some kind honey chilli paste dip.

Prawn Dimsum

Chicken Gyoza:

               It’s a Japanese style Dimsum boiled chicken mince mixed with fresh herbs wrap with Dimsum sheet and steam cooked. After that Gyoza Dimsum is tossed with dark soy sauce to give little bit of crunch to it. The taste of Gyoza was too good man one of the best Dimsum you can say served to us.

Chicken Gyoza

Prawn Lover Roll Sushi:

             From here onwards I can say I like sushi a lot. The taste of this sushi cannot be forgotten in future to refer the best sushi I have had. The prawns were deep fried as tempura wrap with sticky rice and avocado paste on the top with a hint of chilli sauce.

Prawn Lover Roll Sushi

Main Course:

Tori Soba Noodles:

                   It’s a fried noodles with chicken in it. The taste of the noodles was sweet and spicy it was ok kind type me may be because I was completely stuffed.

Tori Soba Noodles

 Fish Green Curry:

            The fish curry was soo yummy and tasty. The coconut cream was perfectly balancing the flavor and spices of the curry neither too sweet nor too spicy. It was perfect combo with jasmine sticky rice.

Fish Green Curry

Nasi Goreng Veg Fried Rice:

                      It was one of the must try dishes from the restaurant. The rice was well cooked it has sweet and savory taste with the hint of spicy. And the crunch was from stir fry veggies added to the fried rice. Super sexy dish.

Nasi Goreng Veg Fried Rice


Mango Mousse:

                   One of the star dishes from the menu as it smooth creamy in texture with the mango flavor and on the top with light cream flower. The taste was completely balanced on our taste palate.

Mango Mousse

Chocolate Spring Rolls with Ice-Cream:

                      The spring rolls were crunchy filled with hot and melted chocolate stuffing inside the rolls. It was best accompanied with the vanilla ice-cream to balance the taste and reduce the heat from the melted chocolate inside the roll.

Chocolate Spring Roll with Ice-Cream

Layered Indulgence:

                        The layered indulgence is made with biscuit and cookies dough and combined with melted caramel layer with the dark chocolate layer and chocolate shave. The taste of indulgence was bitter as the chocolate used on the top was bitter dark chocolate.

Layered indulgence

Must Try Dishes From here is:

  • Singaporean Penang Laksa Chicken Soup.
  • Bubble Tea.
  • Yasai Sarada.
  • Tangy Lotus Stem.
  • Salt and Pepper Water Chestnut.
  • Kagiage Maki Sushi.
  • Rose Wine Prawns.
  • Prawn Dimsum.
  • Chicken Gyoza.
  • Prawn Lover Roll Sushi.
  • Fish Green Curry.
  • Nasi Goreng Veg Fried Rice.
  • Mango Mousse.
  • Chocolate Spring Rolls with Ice-Cream.


             The service was par expectation what we thought. The serving staff was very much enthusiastic and kind gesture. And the dishes were coming on the table with least time gap and all the dishes were served hot piping.

Overall Experience:

                  As I am not much fan of Asian cuisine but after visiting this place my prospective has really change towards the Pan – Asian cuisine I must say we really enjoyed our food from start to the end. And interaction with the owner Suma and Chef Dambar the man behind the delicious dishes they were very much happy as we have enjoyed our food very well.


Ambiance: 4.5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall Experience: 4.5/5

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