Meat Scape

The place-name is a little bit different than usual, we see here and there. As the name says Meat Scape the first thought it came to my mind was a place that just sells meat. So, when I visited this place it was actually a restaurant and they have small section downstairs where they sell fresh meat as well. So this restaurant is located right in the middle of Tolichowki and Hitech city route. The place is really good and the ambiance is sophisticated one. The Kitchen is designed in a way that you can see your food is being prepared.

طعام ( Food):

Malai Paya Shorba I have eaten malai paya couple of time but not like this. The shorba flavor was really subtle and creamy. As the malai paya consist of heavy spices and flavors but this one was mild in taste and a great dish to start with it. Fried Quail, Turkey Kheema with Afghani kulcha and Afghani Kebab Platter the platter was really amazing quails were perfectly fried juicy moist and tender. The best part of quail was it fried but still soft inside. The turkey kheema was well cooked and served on the top of small afghani kulcha. The taste of the Kulcha was buttery which was enhancing the flavor of kheema. Afghani Kebab I have tasted the same kebab at my home, made of mincemeat but this was made of meat paste with chopped green chillies and other herbs. The basic kebab dish a bomb of flavors. Hyderabadi Dum Mutton Khorma when the dish was served on the table we were mesmerized with the aroma and the cravings was making us mad. As soon as I had my hands on it I was completely lost with the taste. And the meat so tenders it was easily coming of from the bone. The previous dish so amazing it was hard to come out of food come and then this dish arrived Country Chicken Handi another flavor pot which was equally good like mutton gravy. The chicken was well cooked and the flavors were lite and good. Along with this two wonderful gravies Afghani bread was served soft inside and flaky outside lite sesame seed sprinkled on the top. The bread was like a meal if you have a certain portion of it you will be full. The bread was perfectly good with both the gravy. Pan Fried Prawns the prawns were perfectly sauteed and the taste was lite buttery and flavorful and the meat was perfectly cooked. Kadaknath Pulao I am short of words to describe this dish. The flavor of the rice was sharp because of khada masala and it was so tasty you can have it without anything or with the side dish mint chutney and raita. And the meat was moist and tender you will like it.

This place is a heaven for the meat lover as the chef is a master of meat and know how to handle it to the perfection.


Ambiance: 3.5/5

Food: 5/5

Service: 4/5

Overall Experience: 4.5/5















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