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Hello Friends, I am back here again with a review for a restaurant which is located in Madhapur area, the IT hub of Hyderabad. The restaurant has a pleasant outdoor ambiance. And I am sure you will love it more with the great food they serve. This famous restaurant, especially among the techies, make it crowded on any weekdays night. Recently they launched a new menu which mainly focused on the health conscious people. I have tasted a couple of food items and I liked it.

Cibo / Aliments (Food):

Mediterranean couscous salad couscous well tossed in a balsamic vinegar along with black olives and other herbs which was giving a tangy kick to the salad. It was garnished with cherry tomatoes and iceberg lettuces. Nicoise salad The drizzle of balsamic vinegar on the top of soft potato wedges, stir-fry asparagus, crunchy iceberg lettuce and blanched broccoli along with Roma tomatoes and black olives was amazing on the top it was garnished with boiled eggs slices. Mushroom arancini well the dish was really amazing as the rice ball and mushrooms were well seasoned and all the flavors were bursting into the mouth. Jerk spiced chicken brochettes A tiny chicken cubes marinated in a tangy and spicy jerk spice then skewed in a wooden skewer and grilled on the fire. Served along with creamy tzatziki sauce. Panko crumbed Cajun spiced chicken strips A thin slice of chicken breast piece marinated in the Cajun spices then wrapped in the panko crumbs and deep-fried. The panko crust was perfectly crunching and the flavors were well bound. Devilled lamb meatballs lamb minced meat seasoned with spices and made a round shape ball were tossed in the fresh tomato basil sauce. The meatballs were perfectly coated with the sauce and flavors were amazing. Crab cake with tomato remoulade soft and flavorful crab meat was really good as the flavors were sharp but it was little salty in taste. Fried Polenta sticks well I like the concept of the polenta sticks. As the sticks were equally diced shaped and the flavor of the polenta sticks were good but it can be better with little more seasoning need to be added. Basil pesto chicken tikka Grilled one of the best chicken tikka you will have over here. Though I am not a fan of basil pesto sauce this one had blown me with the taste and flavors. As I have always found the pesto sauce little bit dominating but over here it was on the perfect note. Chicken breasts with Italian tomato salsa The chicken breast were well cooked but the flavors were a little bit dry as one of the ingredient was a little bit dominating and the chicken piece was a little bit dry as it was the missing sauce to enhance the flavor and texture of the meat. Vietnamese spring rolls (Prawns) the spring rolls made of the rice paper sheet along with Jullian veggies which were giving the crunch to it. The rolls were really good and it was served with a chilli sauce dipping. The sauce dip was a little bit salty to over the spring rolls taste. Broccoli & sun-dried tomato risotto one of my favorite dish from the menu. The creamy texture of the rice was well balanced with the cheese and little tanginess from the sun-dried tomatoes was amazing. Ratatouille with herb millet The creamy texture from ratatouille and flavorful millets rice was the deadliest combo I have had in a recent time. Pan seared fish sizzler the fish was perfectly cooked soft and moist inside then a good lite crust on the outside was bang on. Shaljam Ghosht a dish to relish perfectly cooked meat pieces soft and moist the gravy was really amazing it was just replicating a homely style dish in a fine dining place.


Hot walnut brownie sizzler The dessert was really good but the thing was as the sizzler was too hot and on the top of it, they have place the aluminum foil has ruined the flavor of the chocolate sauce as it got burned. Chilled coconut and Watermelon sago well a new dessert to try sago I have tried for the first time it was good but the taste completely revolves around the coconut milk and watermelon.


Ambiance: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Overall Experience: 4/5


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