Frozen Bottle

A milkshake brand that got revolutionary in the F&B sector and started to make its mark across the country. A Bangalore brand of milkshake is being operated from 11 cities and Hyderabad city is among of them. The Hyderabad city has got around 11 outlets of a frozen bottle. I have visited a couple of them but my recent visit to the new outlet in Chandanagar has impressed me a lot.

Ambiance: The ambiance and the decor of the new outlet has impressed me a lot instead of keeping it as rustic wooden brown to colorful walls with beautiful decoration keeping it more attractive most important the velcro dartboard of angry birds which made us enjoy as it has kept us engaged till we received our order. 

Food – let’s talk about it: As the place has got some great milkshake so we have started with a retro classic option from the menu which has got Desi kheer and Filter kaapi. These two flavors are the symbol of Indian taste which is being served across the country and we all love them a lot. And those flavor in milkshake are really good I must say it’s a must-try milkshake from their menu. Then we had a black forest and the taste has nailed it. The taste was really good chocolate taste was a perfect blend. After that, we had a premium milkshake that is nutty chocolate flavor which has got Nutella and chocolate taste neither of them was dominating individually rather than complimenting each other. The next shakes were healthy enough and delicious too. All the health-conscious people can enjoy these flavors without any issue. Millet (baajara) almond and Millet chocolate are two flavors which were sugar-free. Millet is gluten-free ingredients for health-conscious people. After some delicious drinks, we had waffles stick one was Oreo Dark Fantasy and Crunchy Nutella KitKat as I am a big fan of their Nutella KitKat so I just had that one and enjoyed a lot. Next items were cakes jar Melting pot and Choco chip cookies both the jars were delicious enough but the Choco chip cookies have won my heart with flavors. Then it was waffles time we had Mr. Black and white and Choco Snicker twist the best part of these waffles was the texture as we took some time to eat it but was still crunchy enough rather than becoming soggy. Finally, the journey comes to an end and it was good enough one we had Hot Chocolate Fudge with lots of nuts garnish on the top.

Verdict: It was a great experience we had over here loved all the items we had over here but a small suggestion would like to give to the management as you have amazing product which deals almost similar flavors to give customers a great experience please introduce some savory quick bites which will help them to change their taste palate with and helps them to enjoy every bit of their visit.


Ambiance: 4.5/5

Food: 4/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall Experience: 4/5

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