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An amidst beauty in between the beautiful concrete garden of villas in the lane of Jubilee Hills. As Hyderabad is famous for it’s IT sector and now it got another chance to get more famous among the people with its nightlife and we have seen a great change every now and then we see new lounge or pub started operating with some lit ambiance and great food. In this long list of night clubs and pubs, a newbie has made an entree in a grand style. A boutique restaurant inside the lanes of Jubilee hills road no. 59.


The place is open aired one with accommodation of 80 pax people at a time. They have a long bar table serving some amazing drinks. The wall behind the bar has a statue of Garuda at its eternal peak. DJ and the music being played is really good not too loud music like other places.

Food: Let’s talk about it.


Pahadi paneer tikka: Fresh and soft paneer marinated in yogurt, Herbs, cashew paste, and other spices. The taste was really good and it was perfectly charred.

Honey chili water chestnut: Sweet and hint of chilly sauce wrapped water chestnut not too soft nor too hard but a perfect crunch topped with poppy seeds was one of the good starters we had.

Bharwan khumbh: This dish never disappoint me. At every new place I have tried it and the taste was always same one of the most consistent dish.

Starannies chicken tikka: The tikka marination has dominating flavour of fruitiness and sweet texture from starannies. The chicken was really soft and moist which was easily cut into bite size pieces.

Zafrani fish tikka: This was another star dish for the night. As we all loved it. It was cooked perfectly nicely charred not too much to over power the flavours.

Mongolian Chicken: Diced crispy fried chicken tossed in ginger, garlic, soy sauce, chicken stock, brown sugar, in toasted sesame oil was a lit and never miss dish.

Tangy prawns: One of the best prawns i have eaten. The big and crispy prawns wrapped in a tangy sauce with pack of flavours that burst in your mouth when you have a bite of it. I felt the sauce of this prawns and chicken was almost same but flavours were different.

Main course :

Sung tung fried rice: A must try dish at this place. The taste and flavours are really amazing. You won’t be satisfied with couple of bites unless you eat it off completely. This dish was finished with the blink of our eyes.

Veg bubbles Pulao: The dish was really good for my taste palette as I have enjoyed it while eating. The dish doesn’t have too much of whole garam masala and the minimal amount masala (gravy).

Hunan chicken gravy: Another continental dish which was cooked to a perfection. The fried chicken cubes has soaked all the flavour from the gravy perfect combination with white rice.

Thai green curry veg: One of my favourite dish which I am always specific with the flavours and taste. I have hardly had a good Thai green curry in my recent experience at different restaurant. The jinx finally got broken after this place. It was my one of the best experience with Thai green curry sauteed mushrooms, zucchini, bell pepper cooked in thick coconut milk and other spices. The flavours were well inside of each veggies which was present in the gravy. I have seen many times that veggies inside the gravy hardly soak any flavours from the curry.

Quattro stagioni pizza: This pizza represent the four seasons of the year with the toppings available on the top of pizza. From 4 season I liked one season which has cherry tomatoes.

Quattro carne pizza: It’s a platter of two beautiful combination of four meats with delicious pizza.

Penne with smoke cherry tomato- broccoli pasta: A tomato tangy sauce with a hint of sugar to cut the acidity from the sauce. The sauce has perfectly soaked the smokey flavours from lite roasted cherry tomatoes and broccoli. The pasta was well cooked and well tossed in the smokey sauce.

Fettuccine Primavera: Fettuccine is one of my favourite pasta from the variety of pasta as the taste and texture of this pasta is more softer than other. This Fettuccine Primavera pasta cooked in pesto sauce along with well sautéed veggies which has lite crunch to it.

Seasonal Cheesecake: A dish which was a treat to see but it was a disappointment with the taste as both the cheesecake and gulab jamun present in the center was bland hardly had any sweetness in it.

Baked gulab jamun: Gulab jamun is a favourite dessert for every dessert lover and even for me too though I am not a fan desserts. The Gulab jamun were so soft and perfectly cooked. It was soaked in thick milky Syrup instead of regular sugar syrup. The milky Syrup contain condensed milk and sugar. The sugar quantity was too much to over power the taste.

Darshan with Ice cream: The only famous and popular Chinese dessert from China which is as popular as Chinese noodles or fried rice. This crispy hot fried noodles dipped in a sugar syrup and served vanilla ice cream.


Ambiance: 5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Food: 4/5

Overall Experience: 4/5

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