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A culinary vision of Sanjay Vazirani, an alumnus of Cornell Nanyang Institute of Hospitality Management, Singapore, has envisioned a brand that could change the concept of fine dining in India. The brand will bring the world’s best cuisines. His dream culminated with the establishment of Foodlink in 1998. The brands like China Bistro, Glocal, and India Bistro are the outputs of his visions.

China Bistro brings culinary experts from the land of warriors. The recipes of China Bistro has so much of influence from Terracotta Warriors dynasty not only the food but also the ambiance of the restaurant reflects that with Terracotta Warriors guard’s standing on the entrance guarding their culture.


The elegant decor, dim light, and soft music to soothe your soul with some decorations on the wall were enough to give you great vibes of Chinese aroma.

Food – let’s talk about it:


Eight Treasure Chicken Soup contains eight veggies in it along with shredded chicken breast. It’s a pool of flavors out bursting into my mouth with each bite of it.

Veg Peppery Lemon Soup was the first-star dish we had over here. A perfect blend of the citrus flavor of lemon and the heat add from the black pepper was lit. Tangy at the start of the drink and a slow spiciness hits inside your throat from the black peppercorn powder.

Veg Basil Dumplings Basil is a strong herb/ ingredient that can overpower and flavor. I felt that basil flavor was somewhat dominating in the dumplings.

Asparagus Tempura Roll one of the delicious veg sushi in recent times. The asparagus was well tossed and Deep-fried in Tempura batter to give a crunch and that wasabi on the top with pickled ginger was amazing.

South Asian Cottage Cheese in Pan Asian cuisine most of the dish were cooked/ tossed in different types of sauces to gives different textures to it. The cottage cheese was perfectly coated with the flavors on the outside which made a layer of flavors on it.

Crispy Thai Lotus Stem In Singapore Style is one of my favorite starter from Pan Asian cuisine. These Lotus stems absorb the flavors so quickly and store inside it. All these flavors will outburst in your mouth with each bite. The lotus stems were really crispy in texture got a hint of sweet flavor from the sauce.

Ginger Chicken Jiaozi is another variety of dumplings from China mostly eaten during the Chinese New year. I felt ginger was a little bit overpowering the flavors.

Prawns Tempura Roll has been sent from heaven to us I just enjoyed every minute of this dish and wasabi was really lit on the top.

Barbecue Chicken Bao I have tried various types of Bao but the barbecue sauce one was my first experience and it was a really good one. The more you dig into it the more flavors will outburst in your mouth.

Fire Roasted Mandarin Chicken skewed goodness of smokey chicken marinated in spices, fresh orange juice, soy sauce and cooked on charcoal.

Pan Fried Chilli Fish another star dish for the night we had it. It was succulent and juicy enough. The flavors were bang on and the dish was one of the item we have relished as the taste and texture was really good.

Main course:

Assorted Veg Chilli Basil Sauce crunchy veggies cooked in a combination of two chilies sauces red chili and pepper. Love the tangy flavor and the hotness from chili first on the tongue and then slowly hitting on the throat.

Veg Dumplings In Hot Garlic Sauce a Dumplings stuffed with cooked veggies and added to a hot garlic sauce along with some blanched veggies.

Mao’s Favourite Chicken it’s nothing but fried chicken cube’s cooked in a Hunan sauce the flavors were sharp and contrasting enough and for sure to outlook good enough among other items.

Fish In Sichuan Sauce this seafood dish has ruled everyone’s heart as the taste was really good the has absorbed all the flavors from the sauce and meat texture shows that sign.

Japanese Wheat Noodles it was my second experience with the Wheat Noodles and I must say it was better on from the last experience I had at some other place.

Lemon Grass Fried Rice I am a big fan of fried rice and I have eaten lots of varieties. This lemongrass fried rice was out of box dish from chef and we just loved the taste almost similar to Nasi Goreng Fried Rice.

Nasi Goreng Fried Rice my favorite dish which I love the most I have been eating this dish in various places like Glocal and other restaurants too. The taste in Glocal and China Bistro is almost.


Buddha’s Fu A dessert I am in love with it. It’s a perfect blend of three ingredients complimenting each other the mango gelly placed in center and blueberry compote on the surrounding and chocolate powder on the top yummilicious.

Chocolate Tsunami one of my favorite dessert of China Bistro I have tasted this dessert-like more than a count and yet I have found the same taste every time I have dug into it.


Ambiance: 4.5/5

Food: 4/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall Experience: 4/5

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