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Hyderabad’s most happening place at Jubilee hills road no.45 is none other than Fat Pigeon has always kept blazing around the people and in their talks. The nightlife of this place is lit not only that but also ambiance and food speak too for this place. The restaurant is on the top floor and it has been divided into three sections indoor, outdoor seating and open rooftop with a great view of the best place during the night time.

I was here for the Saturday brunch for the launch of a new menu and the food was really delicious loved every minute and seconds of time spent here for the brunch.

Food – let’s talk about it:


Organic Salad (veg): One of the refreshing salad with vibrant colors and amazing flavor and texture. The salad has got fresh ingredients likes lettuce, asparagus, fresh orange slices, can dried walnuts, pomegranate, feta cheese, fresh fig, honey, and mustard vinaigrette dressing. The salad was well tossed in dressing crunch from fresh ingredients and a hint of sweetness from the sugar-coated walnuts.

Summer Salad with honey cumin (chicken): An another stunner salad with a similar dressing with fresh and crunchy ingredients. The honey flavor was good not dominating instead enhanced the natural flavors of the ingredients.

Fat Chicken wings (Chipotle): The best chipotle sauce I must though the chicken wings were ok but the sauce has made our day not only the meat texture got enhanced but the flavors were well coated on the top of it.

Cottage cheese popcorn: I never thought that someday I will be eating paneer popcorn and too this delicious. The outside coated batter was really good but the best part was about its paneer so soft and tendered which has properly absorbed the flavors from batter.

Koli Wada: A batter-fried chicken cube’s which has got some tangy flavor outburst in your mouth very well. Best paired with some amazing cocktails on the menu but I liked it with a strawberry based mocktail.

Spinach & cheese parcel: This dish is similar to very known dish Burmese parcel wrap a kind of similar texture and taste but got different ingredients more or less I loved one.

Fat hats: A crispy glass from shell contains a goodness delicious ingredients to topple with. The crunch from the shell and delicious veg Manchurian balls were damn tasty.

Thai basil black pepper chicken: The peppery flavor dish of the day. As the taste was slowly hitting our taste buds. The sweet texture from the sauce apt you can taste it but the heat from black pepper was hitting in our throat slowly after each bite of it.

Kasundi Jhinga: My favorite dish/starter we had as we were served with 2 portions of the dish but you know what I ate almost both of them unless anyone noticed it. I just love the marination and cooking style the prawns were so succulent and delicious to resist myself even now.

Main course
Crispy chicken burger: The overall experience about it was good to love the crispy chicken patty along with the sauces used in it. The taste would have been amazing if the burger buns were fresh.

Veggie loaded panini: An Italian bread perfectly grilled on the top and stuffed with the goodness of sauteed mushroom, bell peppers, grilled paneer, caramelized onions, pickled overall ingredients tossed in pesto based sauce which was a little bit over dominating served with jalapeno mayonnaise and French fries.

Asian chicken pizza: Everyone loves pizza and we all are ready to have it at any time. This delicious beauty has confused me with its amazing taste and texture as the meat was chicken but the way it was cooked I first thought that it was a mutton pizza but then chef told us it was chicken pizza. I have fallen for it those barbecue sauce on tendered chicken minced meat was lit.

The vegetarian pizza: A kind of premium quality veg pizza with lots of cheese mushroom, black olives, zucchini, Bell peppers and artichokes taking it to the next level where even a non-vegetarian couldn’t resist themselves to eat that delicious pizza.

Char-Grilled smoked chicken breast: Buttery flavor but yet healthy stuff for me. The chicken was well cooked got some smokey flavor in it and completely covered in a butter sauce served on the top of couscous flavored with garlic which was a delicious affair on the plate and some healthy veggies.

Kung Pao rice bowl (Non-veg): This fried rice has made a special place in my heart I just love the taste of the fried rice that I couldn’t stop myself from eating it all alone though I have to share few bites with others but still I completed it all by myself.

Desserts: I just don’t want to move out of my amazing food experience but you know somewhere you have to end this journey but this journey wouldn’t have been best if I would have missed the desserts.

Zuccotto: It’s a half-frozen dessert which contains strawberry cake layer at the bottom topped with vanilla ice cream and on the top decorated raspberry reduction and the plating was done so beautifully a powerful brushstroke of raspberry reduction decorated with freshly cut cubes fruit.

Mille-Feuille: If you have visited this place and still you didn’t try this dessert from there menu then you have a major missing and you need to revisit this place just to have this delicious dessert.

Rawa Kesari tart: What should I tell you about this delicious dessert it’s one of a kind that doesn’t need any words to express your feelings about it more than experiencing it and lets others understand about it.


Ambiance: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Food: 5/5

Overall Experience: 5/5

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