Date – A Middle East Food Affair

Themed restaurant is becoming more popular in Hyderabad city. So, here we have another theme based restaurant that portrait middle eastern desert country. Date restaurant a one of the best Mediterranean cuisine restaurant in Hyderabad. The ambiance of the restaurant is just like a desert and in the middle of the restaurant, there is a date tree and a camel tied to the tree. They have outdoor seating and indoor seating with pleasant music is being played in the background.

A great start to the dinner with the Chicken Cream Soup lovely delicious and creamy texture soup that can make you crazy with its taste. Tried one of the best lamb Shish kebab recent time. The meat was cooked tenderly and it was soft and juicy.  Rice kibbeh one of the unique traditional dish from the middle east country we rarely heard about it. A deep-fried rice balls stuffed with dice potato pieces along meat. It was served with pita bread, hummus, and beetroot pickle. The chicken koobideh kebab was really juicy and tender flavorful served along with garlic dip and tangy dip sauce with salad. Grill fish with lemon butter sauce the fish was nicely grilled and perfectly chard from outside, moist and juicy inside served on the bed of lemony flavored rice along with sauteed bell peppers, mushroom and melted butter sauce with the hint of lemon zest.  Chelo kebab comes from the Persian cuisine where a delicious kebab served with flavored rice and chard grilled tomatoes. The kebab was perfectly cooked as it was moist and juicy inside. As the rice was cooked in meat stock the taste was well balanced. Jujeh Kebab small chicken cubes were well marinated in the yogurt based marination sauce. When the chicken is grilled it was soft and tender inside each bite of the kebab was delicious. Fattoush Chicken Salad was really a good salad consists of mixed veggies, salad dressing, toasted pita bread to give a little crunch to it and shredded grill chicken pieces. The salad dressing taste was little overpowering the natural flavor of the veggies. Pita Bread with three different dips (Hummus, Garlic Mayonnaise, and Baba Ganoush) the pita bread was a little bit thick but soft from inside I love all the three dips but my favorite was garlic mayonnaise and baba ganoush. Peri-peri Cottage cheese and Chicken peri-peri chicken version were chicken was too dry and the peri-peri sauce flavor didn’t go inside were as cottage cheese version I found the cottage cheese little bit chewy and same the flavors were missing.  Though the sauce poured on the top of chicken and cottage was good but from inside the taste was bland. Wraps Koobideh Kebab Wrap and Chicken Kebab Wrap were really good not too much stuff with the salad but a good amount of meat was there. Arabic Lamb Juicy Mandi the mandi was really delicious well-cooked mutton pieces along with two gravies yummy. The best part of the mandi was it less garnished with the dry fruits otherwise the taste will become sweeter. 


A delicious food journey comes to an end but even ending was delicious too Persian Halwa and Paan Firni Shot. As being a small fan of Paan the Firni took the show at the end.


Ambiance: 4.5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall Experience: 4.5/5

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