Southern Fried Chicken

Another big fast-food chain has entered on the Indian shore after drooling the 70+ countries across the globe. Southern Fried Chicken is a UK brand that has launched their first outlet in India that too in Hyderabad. The outlet is the lead franchise outlet in South India. The concept and the product of Southern fried chicken are just similar to KFC but little twist and turn they have in their recipe for making fried chicken.

We always tend to differentiate the things which are similar to the existing items available in the market. But here we can allow them some time to settle down to understand our taste buds like others. The best part of the Southern fried chicken is their fresh chicken pieces when you take a bite you can feel the freshness of chicken and juiciness oozing out of dried chicken breast piece and the chicken wasn’t drained with too much of oil.


The restaurant has a lengthy menu in-terms of single portions, combos, and meal that is being served. Any single portion can be changed into meal or combo’s options available on the menu. Fried chicken was so good. It was juicy moist and tender as the juice was oozing of chicken pieces shows the freshness of it. Peri-Peri chicken is being served ion three variants (Mild, Hot, and Extra Hot). Mild one was Peri-Peri Lemon & Herbs the flavors were subtle and the hint of lemon and herbs were bang on with the perfectly glazed coated on the top of chicken. Peri – Peri Hot the texture of the chicken was just similar to lemon and herbs and the taste was little different. Now comes to Extra Hot Peri – Peri (Note: As per Indian taste buds the extra hot peri – peri is not that hot like our Indian spices are.) The chicken was perfectly glazed on the outside moist and juicy inside. After taking a single bite of the chicken, you can feel the little heat of the peri-peri sauce. Burgers (Sweet Chilli and Empire) Talking about the burgers they need a little bit of Midas touch for the perfection the sweet Chilli burger name of the burger justify you that it will be little sweet and it was ok for me. Then we had Empire burger the double-decked burger which contains a big fried chicken breast piece along with the hash brown. Hash brown? Yes, it was hash brown and it was overpowering the chicken flavor. The burgers didn’t impress me firstly the buns used in the burgers weren’t fresh and the empire burger was so simple and I didn’t any taste due to the hash brown.


With the some delicious I had some good veg munchies like cheese and potato tots and veg bullets.


Ambiance: 3.5/5

Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Overall Experience: 3.5/5

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