Deccan Kitchen – Authentic Hyderabadi food affair

East Marredpally, Hyderabad has taste brewing coz “Deccan Kitchen”, the latest cloud kitchen to hit the market, is filling the air with delicious aromas. People have been raving about this and thankfully am one of the lucky ones who got a refined taste of their menu.

They have a unique style and taste in serving the food to their customer in clay pots and other stuff to deliver their food to the customer. Recently, they came up with a dine-in experience which can only accommodate six people in group to serve some of the best dishes which need to be served hot. If you want to experience that dine-in, you can book the table in advance to intimate them as they will be ready to serve you. Recently, I had a chance to dine-in at their place, and it was a wonderful experience not only the food the ambiance was royal, and the service was friendly, quick, and humble enough to serves us as they always on their toe to assist us on servings.

Let’s talk about food:

As we know, it’s Deccan Kitchen, and as the name explains, it means Authentic Hyderabadi cuisine food and I am all excited to explore it.

So we started with ‘Mutton Marag’, a well-known dish in Hyderabad mostly served during Hyderabadi Muslims wedding, but the trend began to change, and many other restaurants started to serve it. But, what they lack was the texture and flavor (I mean to say) they make the Marag waterier and don’t have the creamy essence. When I had a first sip of the broth the taste blows my mind as the flavors were on point and the texture was perfect as I could taste the cashew, almond paste in it, and next was meat used in it was perfectly tendered and soft falling of the bone quite easily. The next item was Chicken Shaami being a non-veg lover and born in a Muslim family I have been eating shaami since my childhood, and it was always mutton shaami, but we never tried it in chicken meat. It was my first experience with the dish and it was so good to resist. The meat was well cooked and shaami paste made of it as 75% of meat and 25% on Bengal gram lentils which is boiled with some spices and made a paste out of it. Every bite of this shaami was mesmerizing one and the mayo that came along with the shaami has enhanced the flavor of it was nicely creamy and lite peppery taste. Murag Musallam a very well-known nawabi dish that has been traveled from Mughal’s to Nizams. It’s one of those dishes that is being considered as rich in taste and texture as it has some much as in spices that not only make the gravy thick but also creamy enough to eat. Murag Musallam is a slow-cooked dish that makes it soft, tendered, and juicy. This was my second experience with the dish, and it was the best I can say it, and I don’t think so anything can come close to this dish as it has won my heart.  Roast meat is something that everyone loves to it as it lean and fat-free, which cooks in its juice. Roasted Lamb Raan was the next item on the menu we had it, and it was one full Lamb Raan which was sufficient for eight people. The Lamb was well marinated in spices and perfectly slow-cooked on charcoal which gave the smokey flavor and as well charred texture to edges on the meat. Being a true Hyderabadi if you haven’t eaten Talahuagoshth or don’t like it then you are not a true Hyderabadi because in our veins more than blood Talahuagoshth runs. S0, Mutton fry was the next thing that was served the best and unique part of the dish was the mutton was served with bones, and there is no such place that serves it with bones as the most of the flavor comes out of the bone, and hardly people know it. A meal cannot be completed unless you have a chicken dish to it, and then we were served with delicious and flavorful Chicken curry which was lite in taste and great in texture well in satisfying the needs to overcome from lite hunger we all Hyderabadi haves in between our meals. In Indian cuisine, we need parathas to have our curries, and without that, we cannot feel happy about our meal. Still, when we have such a lavish dinner, it always requires something that compliments that thing, and LacchaParatha was perfect with Murag Musallam and Chicken curry.  We Hyderabadi loves to eat biryani at any point of the day whether be it breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or even on evening snacks we eat it, and we don’t hesitate to call ourselves that we are true lovers of biryani. This Mutton Biryani was exceptional in taste and texture. I must say that it’s hard to find in any of the commercial places across the city. The only places you can find it at either a true Hyderabadi’s house or the true khansamah (Chef) cooking for you. The rice was perfectly cooked, and the meat was soft and tendered enough to break it down with just two fingers, and their Mirchi-ka-Salan that came along with biryani was epic.


Every Hyderabadi loves to have desserts after their meal and how come we miss that over here after the delicious meal.

Rabdi it’s a slow-cooked dessert made out of condensed milk which is thick and creamy with dry fruits and other spices to texture it up. The Rabdi is made in two color: one’s is pale yellow due to the original saffron strands, and another is white one without any color. Double ka Meetha it’s quite similar to shahitukda which is made out of bread slices and has creamy rabdi served on the top of it. But in Double-ka-Meetha it just plain bread sliced crisped fried and soaked in sugar syrup and garnish with chopped dry fruits. The taste was ravishingly delicious.  

It was one of the best experiences of authentic Hyderabadi cuisine I had to date. It was like more of a royal cuisine affair from Deccan Kitchen where they are recreating the original experience that the royal families used to relish. 

The best part of it is that they serve across the city with the same level of energy and taste, but there are a couple of dishes that they serve only at their dine-in place like Roasted Lamb Raan which should be relished when hot. Mind you it is served smoked straight up from the charcoal pit!!


Ambiance: 5/5

Food: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Over-All Experience: 5/5

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