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This place doesn’t need any sort of introduction in Hyderabad. CIBO house is a known brand for the Italian cuisine restaurant. So now they have started the second outlet in Gachibowli which is little bigger in size than compared to its first outlet.

The ambiance and the interior sophisticated which gives you inner peace of mind. This place serves huge menu on Italian cuisine in buffets along with unlimited mocktails in reasonable pricing. Moving towards food and drinks.


They have only three varieties of drinks

  • Virgin Mojito
  • Mint + Coriander twist
  • Lemon Ice tea


We had chicken soup which was well-balanced in flavor and along with that, we were served with assorted bread and three spreads Tajiki sauce, Herbs butter, and Harrisa. Then we had Herb grilled cottage cheese. The flavor of the herbs got mildly infused with the cottage cheese. Then we had the first-star dish that is Caribbean chicken it was really tasty and all the flavors and juices were intact inside the chicken piece. Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms it was good as the size of the mushroom was not big and it was enough stuffed with the cheese and deep-fried.  So another star dish from non-veg was Moroccan Lamb the simple and less spiced yet flavorful dish of the evening and my favorite too. The best dish of the evening in veg was Aioli Baby corn. Crunchy crispy deep-fried baby corns tossed in the cheesy sauce was like heaven-licious “Mama-mia wuhaat a dish”. The next two dishes were Milano prawns and cilantro fish both were good and tasty.

Main Course:

 So the main course start was not like the ordinary start where we have rice and all. But over here you will start it with Thin crust Mexican veggie pizza were the complete pizza was covered veggies and cheese and the edge was perfectly charred crunchy. Same experience we had with the Thin crust Chicken Margherita pizza too. Then we had two types of lasagna veg and chicken. The veggies and chicken version of lasagne were covered with marinara sauce and goodness of cheese. If you are in the Italian restaurant and you don’t have pasta how can that happen? They have different varieties of pasta and pasta sauce to make this wonderful dish.  So we have selected Spaghetti with three different varieties of sauce like Pesto, Aldo e olio, and Alfredo. All the three sauce pasta were amazing. Now I have moved to the second level of the main course the rice and curry items, So I have tried grilled fish with pepper sauce, Malaga chicken, herb butter rice, ratatouille, potato en corozza and spinach & corn cannelloni. All were good in flavors and tasty were I liked most was herb butter rice, ratatouille, and spinach & corn cannelloni.


In a buffet, I have hardly seen one or two desserts item not more than that. But over here they have a mini buffet for desserts too. Mini in the sense if we compare the normal savory buffets have 14 to 16 items so this one is half of that. The list starts with Tres Leches, Caramel Custard, Baked Cheesecake, Coconut Mousse, Pannacotta, Classic Chocolate Cake, Bread Butter Pudding and Cut Fruits. I must say I was unlucky that I couldn’t taste a single bite of any of these amazing desserts as I was not well. Better luck next time for me. This section cannot be missed at any point in time.


Ambiance: 4.5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall Experience: 4.5/5




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