By the Bottle – Sundowner

This place has made its mark into the heart of the people of this city. People always buzz about the place whether the ambiance, food or party mode to enjoy. As like other people even I like it to visit this place for partying with my gang. As the summer has almost started the restaurant has come up with a new menu for lazy Sunday’s. After the crotching hot sun cools down a little bit and lite cool breeze starts flowing the show Sundowner starts at 3pm and runs till 7pm in the evening. This amazing menu contains unlimited food and drinks only at RS 1500/- per person.


Spinach and Corn Croquettes:  A quick bite starter which explodes in your mouth with amazing flavors. The croquettes have mashed potato more than the spinach and corn which was good and topped with the spicy green chutney was lit. Croquette needs lite seasoning in mashed potatoes.

Paneer bageecha: Soft and delicate cottage cheese marinated in herbs paste and slow cooked in tandoor to give a perfect charred layer on the outside. 

Five spice baby corn: To give a crunchy bite the baby corn was blanched to medium rare and then marinated in five spice sauce which was good.  

Chukandar chicken kebab: Boneless chicken thigh pieces were marinated in beetroot puree along with curd and other spices. The chicken pieces were well marinated as the flavors were felt on every bite and the pieces were tendered, juicy and moist.

Taipei Chicken: The Taipei was truly delicious. I must say the flavors were exploding in my mouth. Neither too sweet nor sour but a perfect balance of flavors.

Shrimp Tempura:  The dish was really good but needs a little seasoning as the prawns were tossed in green chilies and onions with lemon garlic salt. As the batter was bland the taste of the lemon garlic salt was going down.

Fish Amritsari: The fish was perfectly fried as it has a crunchy crust on it with a good amount seasoning of powdered spices on the top and mayonnaise sauce to accompany was delicious.

Main Course:

The main course has a buffet with varieties of options available on the table ready to hogg on it. So I have tried a couple of items from varieties Kadai mutton masala, Paneer curry, Butter naan, Chicken Kabsa, and Veg noodles. I love the kadai mutton masala gravy as it was tangy and lite spicy to pep up the taste bud and make you drool with flavor magic along with tender meat. Paneer gravy was a good option for the vegetarians but needs a little bit of attention to seek more eaters. Chicken Kabsa was lit as it was the first time i have seen that kabsa is being served in any buffet. And the taste was really delicious to enjoy it. Noodles, as usual, the safest dish from Chinese cuisine which everyone relishes at any point of the day. And the same experience we had it. The noodles were perfectly cooked and the taste was amazing.


Ambiance: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Overall Experience: 4/5

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