Zuci Chocolate and Cafe

Zuci a recently started café in Jubilee hills road no. 45 is known for its premium quality of chocolate confectionery and Boulangerie. This new place has got positive vibes and a sleeky luxurious interior that well entrails with the ambiance. Talking about the name Zuci the name is derived from the Sanskrit word Shuchi which means pure though it is spelled as ZUCI but pronounced as Shuchi. The artists behind this art are Aparna and Chaitanya Gorrepati started this amazing chocolate brand. Both the owners have more than a decade of artisanal experience in chocolate, cakes, and other boulangerie items. Zuci chocolate experience will be one-stop for all chocolate lovers as each chocolate is handmade with the pure form of chocolate. 

Chocolate brings out all the emotions from inside soothe every soul of humankind is it kids or to a well-grown adult. Chocolate can be used as a gift to express the feeling towards your loved ones by sharing a portion of it with them.

Talking about food:-

Chili Garlic Bread: The garlic bread was nicely flavored and the amount of chili flakes sprinkled where perfect. The mayonnaise that was served along with the dish has a knack to the taste.

Veg Lasagna: It was one of the best Lasagna after ages that made me happy and satisfied. The pasta sheet was perfectly soft and well absorbed the sauce and the mozzarella cheese man it was like heaven feeling I couldn’t stop my self with just one bite but had almost half of the dish on my own.

Tendered Chicken Fingers: This dish was one of the star dishes that we have ordered from the menu and it got finished not more than 15 sec. The chicken was nice and juicy from the inside and the out layer was perfectly crisp and the additional masala that was sprinkled on the top was enhancing the entire dish taste.

French Fries: This dish doesn’t need any intro as it everyone’s favorite from a kid to an adult-like us. What I like about it was the fries were still crunchy and flavorful as it was eaten almost after 45 minutes.

Wraps (Veg & Non-Veg): We had both veg and non-veg wraps were veg wrap has paneer filling and non-veg got chicken. The Paneer wrap was nice as the paneer was soft and well flavored but chicken took the show from it as it was too juicy enough to take a bite as the flavors were dripping out from it.

Chicken Burger: Just before visiting this place I was having a huge craving for a good burger and ordered this beauty from the menu I must say it was quite delicious enough as the chicken patty was well tendered and flavored and the best part was there buns it was nice and soft like freshly out of the oven.

Pesto Chicken Spaghetti Pasta: I have non-healthy relation with pesto sauce it has a strong-flavored herb sauce which I hardly appreciate eating it but my friends have ordered so gave a small try to this dish, and I was quite happy with the flavors as it was not that strong flavors in it rather than a smooth silky texture to it.

Signature Dish/Drink:

Hot chocolate: Zuci is very much famous for its hot chocolate drink as it one of the best drinks in my list had it at a couple of places, and I am a big fan of it now this place also gets featured for this drink.


Caramel Crunchy Nuts Jar: The first bite of this dessert made me travel in another dimension as the flavors were out bursting in my mouth, and I was enjoying every bite of it

7 Layered Chocolate Mousse Jar: This is something that everyone needs to try if they are big fans of chocolate. Each layer has got its own texture and taste when combined gives an amazing taste.

12 Layer Chocolate Truffle cake slice: One of my favorite cake slice which I never ever wanted to share it with anyone. As this layered cake is made of chocolate truffle which has a strong flavor and texture but here I couldn’t find that it is nice and smooth to eat.


Ambiance: 5/5
Food: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Overall Experience: 5/5


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