Ohris a brand that has started its legacy back in 1976 with hotel Baseraa in Secunderabad. Since then have 22 chains of restaurants in Hyderabad that have really created a great experience for their diners in each individual outlet of Ohris. Tansen restaurant is an affinity of a royal fine dining experience for the customers as only the ambiance of the restaurant gives the vibes of royal affection but also reflects in their cutleries and food items too.

Ambiance: Tansen is a part of 6 different restaurants in one premise located in necklaces road. As soon as you enter inside the restaurant the decoration and seating arrangement will mesmerize then small pound here and there has given a perfect niche to the ambiance. The restaurant has got a few comfy dining experiences and the rest are elevated dining arrangements. The live Ghazal being played makes the ambiance too lit and the experience to next level.

Food – Let’s talk about it:

Though the ambiance has taken lots of attention from us they couldn’t leave any stones unturned to take away our attention to it rather than other beautiful art.

Marag with Naan: This was the first item that has been served to us. It’s a winter afternoon and when such a dish is served it’s hard to resists. The mutton chunks were perfectly cooked and the marag broth has got the consistency in flavors from the dry-fruits paste and black-pepper powder. Most of the places serving marag make a huge blunder by adding too much of black pepper powder that hits on the throat. But here it was well-balanced.

Dahi Ke Kebab: Recently most famous veg starters not only for vegetarians but also for non-veg lovers too. Where ever I have tried this kebab it was a small circular shape without any outer coating but, here it was made in roll-shaped wrapped inside the bread to hold all the flavors and give a crunchy texture.

Veg Cheese Kurkure: Small crispy rolls stuffed with cheese and other ingredients wrapped similar to spring rolls was okayish and it needs little improvement.

Mutton Shikampuri: This dish reminds me of homemade shaami which has similar kinds of texture and taste but the flavors of both the dishes are different and the portion, size of shikhampuri more than shaami.

Dum Machi Patrawali: Fish is every Bengali’s favorite comfort food, and they love to have it any day and any time. The fish was perfectly wrapped inside the banana leaf and perfectly cooked. What I liked about it was the flavors and the flavors were well inside the fish meat and the outer layer was well filled with the juices from the spices.

Jhinga E Tinka: A perfect crispy fried prawns which have got all the flavors inside it and moreover those juicy and crunchy outer texture was brilliant art from the chef. It was the star dish for the day from the starters

Ohris Lahori Murg Tikka: A Pakistani dish that has an Indian infusion of spices which is similar to chicken tikka few ingredients differ both the dish. Chicken cubes well marinated in spices, yogurt and egg are slow-cooked in hot tandoor. Love the taste of the tikka but it was quite bitter when eaten from the chared side of the meat.

Paneer Dum Roll: This dish has won my heart not only in terms of presentation but also in the taste and texture of the dish. A thin-sliced sheet of fresh and soft paneer was stuffed with well-spiced stuffing and cooked to its perfection each bite was just like lost in a different world of foodgasm.

Murg Parcha Kali Mirch: This was an excellent dish that has got all the good spices not dominating rather than enhancing the flavors of each other. The best part of the dish was one of the main ingredient black pepper was not dominating or hit the throat at all.

Main Course:

Roti Ki Tokri: It was a combination of original and fusion naan contains kulcha, normal naan, butter, garlic and chilli naan.

Mutton Rogan Josh: Mutton dishes are my favorite where ever I go I always order one item of mutton. Rogan josh was one of my favorite dishes where it has got some lucknowi touch and taste where a mutton dish cooked in minimal spices but it becomes flavor bomb in taste and texture. The meat was well cooked easily comes out of the bone and the gravy was well spiced and thick goes well with butter garlic naan and cheese kulcha.

Behmati Murg: This dish was wonderful as I am not fond of methi (fenugreek) just tired some chicken gravy it was a mind-blowing one.

Subz Diwani Handi: A thick rich gravy where different veggies are cooked it has good some hint of sweet taste from carrot and spiciness from the chilies and other spices.

Mahi Khaliya (Fish curry): Another fish item but this time it’s in the main course. The gravy was fantastic tangy and flavorful but I felt the fish was a little overcooked where it doesn’t absorb any flavor from the gravy.

Jhinga Lababdar: My favorite big prawns well cooked in creamy thick spicy gravy with every bite of all the juices were flowing inside the mouth and the texture was mouth-watering yet.

Mutton Biryani: Any meal cannot be completed without a biryani and every Hyderabadi needs biryani at the end before finishing it with desserts. The Biryani was fantastic the rice was flavorful and biryani doesn’t have too much masala to overpower the taste of the rice and the mutton pieces were well cooked.

Desserts: After a scrumptious royal meal affair it’s timed to the closure of the meal with some delicious desserts.

Sakora Phirni: My most favorite dessert reminds me about my mom’s cooking it was exactly the same taste and I couldn’t resist completing it all alone by myself.

Jauzi Halwa: Nutmeg halwas one of the olden Turkish Hyderabadi influenced desserts which were excellent. The strong flavors of nutmeg were well-balanced and the taste was next level.

Baked Gulab Jamun: Baked Gulab Jamuns is not a to the newest trend in the dessert section different restaurant has their own version of it. This baked gulab jamun has got lots of flavors and tastes with lots of condensed milk on the top.


Ambiance: 5/5

Food: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Overall Experience: 5/5


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