Vera Pizzeria!!!!! (Vijju Meets Pijju)

And it’s another HOMP event organized by homp admins Vijju meets Pijju. The place is none another Vera Pizzeria (Vijju and Pijju) all for us. The place just an awesome place to have freshly baked pizza but that too your own customization of pizza’s. The place is good they have ground floor and first floor with a balcony area with the seating arrangement. It’s a quite enough space well decorated. 
Cream of mushroom soup:
We love the taste of mushroom soup as the name also has creaminess even the flavor was also showcasing the same texture. 
Hot & sour chicken soup: 
The soup was good and perfectly ok not too much high neither low in taste. 
 We were served around eight Mocktails few were good and few were ok in taste.
     • Mojito (mint or green apple) 
     • Sparkling blue Hawaiian 
     • Iced Tea ( (Peach or lemon) 
     • Mango mania 
     • Fruit tango shake 
     • Fantasy 
     • Blue Island 
     • Fresh Lime (water or soda)
Assorted cheese garlic bread (Veg Toppings): 
It was ok because the mint chutney spread which was spread on the garlic bread was not upto the mark. 
Garlic Bread cheese (Non veg toppings): 
These was the best non-veg garlic bread had in recent time topping with chicken and prawns to yummilicious. 
Cottage cheese Shaslik: 
It was ok and taste good. 
Potato wedges with cheese: 
The potato wedges was ok nice crisp and melted cheese on the top. 
Coastal grilled fish:
 Even fish was good it was completely juicy and tasty. 
Indus Valley chicken, Creamy roast chicken and Grilled fish with lemon and butter: These three were also good and OK. 
Create your own pizza: 
There were four pizza base with different type’s pizza base sauce and topping so we order all the four pizza base pizzas with different sauce and topping. 
      1.  So first pizza was Waffle crisp crust with White Garlic Pizza sauce and toppings where jerk chicken, onions, cheese, cottage cheese and mushrooms.
      2.  The next pizza was Pan Crust with Char grilled pineapple Salsa and toppings where peri peri chicken, sweet corn, cottage cheese, capsicum, jalapenos, tomatoes and olives.
     3.  Calzone Crust with Roasted tomato schezwan with Spicy Tandoori chicken and toppings where capsicum, sweet corn,cheese, cottage cheese, tomatoes, olives and jalapenos.
     4.   Last but not the least was Cheese burst base pizza but it was margarita pizza it was really so cheesezy pizza.
Lime and basil cream tartlet, Double Chocolate Mousse cup, Hazelnut Praline Choux Maple Walnut Cake and Ice creams: 
In dessert section they need to improve a lot because all the items were not up to the mark but yes few items like walnut cake and double chocolate mousse cup was good. 
Ambiance: 4/5 
Service: 4.5/5 
Food: 3.5/5 
Overall Experience: 4/5 
Suggestion and Recommendation: 
For Management: 
          1.    The food where good but prawns were little uncooked  and it was frozen.
          2.    Desserts it really need to be improve a lot and we can expect the more innovative and  better in taste desserts when we come back again.
For Customers: 
            1.    You can try the pizza with waffle crust and cheese burst its really good in taste.
            2.    Then next is garlic bread with non-veg

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