Vertigo – The High Life!!!!!

It was food tasting session organized by Vertigo management in associated with Lokender Jain. So we all were invited for this food tasting it was on the one of the best food tasting session open terrace with awesome weather live music and good food.


The place is one of the good open terrace with good ambiance. It has been divided into three sections one has food section the other section was drinking and smoking area and the third place was club area with the good amount of dance space.

Veg Starters:

 We were served with veg Manchuria which was good and tasty little bit more spicy is need as per the cool climate. Then we were served chilly paneer which was ok good marinated in all spices it was perfectly ok. And Crispy Corn Fritters which was star of the veg starters crispy crunchy and tasty.

Non – Veg Starters:

 We were served with chilly chicken it was good and spicy one and tasty too for us. Then we were served with chicken nuggets which was ok and well taste. The lasuni kebab was one of the good starters which was juicy and well tender chicken meat and perfectly cooked.

 There was two type of pasta available for us one was white sauce pasta and another one was red sauce pasta. The white sauce pasta was completely bland to taste and also no spices added to it whereas compare to red sauce pasta was perfect and it was good in taste.

 The pizzas where good both veg and non – veg pizza but the issue was the base. As the base was not fresh because it was brought from the stores. So the rest was all perfect.


There was three to four varieties of Mocktails available

 • Virgin mojito

 • Orange Mocktail

 • Kiwi Mocktail

 • Blue Mocktail and

 • Cranberry Mocktail
Main Course:

Indian bread basket Tandoori roti and Butter naan


 In veg they served us Dal makhni which was good it was tasting just like home made. Then with it was paneer curry which was okish kind of taste. The Veg biryani was also good in taste well prepaid the rice grains where perfectly cooked.


In non-veg we were served with chicken tikka masala which so good in taste with the creamy taste of the gravy was perfect blend and the chicken pieces were also not dry. Then we had mehthi murgh which was also good in taste didn’t felt that the pieces were dry or the taste is not there it was completely delicious. Then we had chicken biryani which was ok kind as they need little bit of improvement because biryani masala was not completely mixed properly and then fry onions are completely burnt out which is giving bitter taste.
For Management: The overall experience was good and the place is also a happening place. And suggestion is just only two for chicken biryani and the please keep the fresh pizza base so that it can enhance the lovely taste of the pizza

Ambiance: 4/5 

Food: 4/5 

Service: 4/5 

Overall Experience: 4/5

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