Urban Affair

Urban Affair is a new restro in the town that focused on the south Indian, continental and oriental cuisine. The restaurant belongs to the same management that runs the Punjabi affairs. The expectation level of an Urban affair has increased as Punjabi affairs have created a known brand name for the Punjabi cuisine food. The Urban affairs have replaced the New York Traven and started their operation. The ambiance of the restaurant has the minimal changes from the previous restaurant. Starters: Starting with the Manchow soup with a profuse amount of veggies and shredded chicken pieces. Nice thick and tangy soup to start with it. Then came spicy Hari Mirch paneer tikka just a hint of green chilies flavor with the other ingredient the paneer was marinated. As the flavors were mild, not spicy as per the name but it was good. Nimbu Mirch Ka Murgh Tikka the lemony flavored chicken tikka soft moist and juicy pieces were perfectly cooked and it was one of the star dishes from the menu. Jalapeno cheese balls with spicy mayo it was good but it lacks with gooeyness from the cheese. As the amount of cheese was less. Calamari Fritters it was a little bit disappointing one as the calamari were chewy. Parsley Fish As the fish was perfectly cooked the main ingredient parsley was not over-powering the flavors of other spices and it was good but it has little rawness smell in it. Mexican Prawns Skewer another amazing dish from the menu as the prawns well spiced and deep-fried with the batter. Hari Mirchi Pomfret Fish the fish was perfectly marinated but it was a little bit overcooked. Andhra Fish Fry just one word “amazing” I really like it. Burmese Parcel one of the best starters we had and it was perfect bind of spices parcel along with sweet chillie sauce. Main Course: With some good and some amazing starters, the main course expectation increased. So we had Methi chicken which good the gravy was creamy and flavorful. As the chicken cubes were perfectly cooked tender and moist. Then Mutton Rara one of my all-time favorite dish this one was good one among the one I had in recent time. Along with this two gravy butter naan accompanied it. Chicken biryani well-cooked biryani rice the flavors and aroma has perfectly binded. Lite and well spiced no non-sense with extra masala. Desserts: They have Kala Jamun/ Lancha/Pantua was a perfect dish to end the meal on a sweeter note. Or there is SeviyaanKheer to depend on which will also not disappoint you. And lastly, the King Patiala lassi never to miss this if you visit either of the places.


Ambiance: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Overall Experience: 4/5

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