The Prince of Persia

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Aadab one of the oldest restaurant of Hyderabad known for the biryani has started its second outlet in the city around Hitech-city area. This part of the city has much multi-cuisine and few dominating Hyderabadi flavors restaurants keeping that in mind the management came up to start something different which was not available around Hitech city and Gachibowli area stretch.

         The Prince of Persia is an Indo – Mediterranean cuisine restaurant which serves some of the amazing kebabs, Grills, Mezze (dips and Salad’s) and Arabic rice dishes. A couple of months back the restaurant has started its operation.

     About the ambiance the place is well decorated what it has to be and talking about the seating arrangements it’s pretty good mostly in Arabic restaurants what I have observed is they have only mattress seating but over here it’s not like that the table and chair seats and as well as Dastarkhan seating so people can seat as per their convenience.

      Now coming to the food serving has been started with Arabic chicken sheekh kebab the meat was nicely minced and marinated with spices even after cooking the juice of the meat and other ingredients were there. It was accompanied with nice and lite chilled mint chutney. Next item was Sheesh Tawook the meat was nice and succulent proper marinated. My favorite was Chicken Choupan it’s an Afghani kebab which was perfectly cooked and sprinkled with the sabuk spice powder one of the best starters of the night. Then we had Al Faham Dijaj it’s an Arabic style grilled chicken which was nice. So the last serving was Hummus and garlic naan served to us. We got two variants of Hummus one was plain hummus topped with olive oil and the second one was served with small chicken chunks and sabuk sprinkled on the top. Most of my friends liked the chicken one but for me, the plain one played the classic role. Before ending the starters we were served with one surprise dish from the management the dish was Talahua Mutton the very simple dish with fewer ingredients but flavourful.

So after completing the starters, we gave some time to our-self then we have ordered the Mutton Mandi. Mandi is the dish in which the rice is cooked with the stock of the meat the give the rice wonderful flavor of the meat and other spices. We love the Mandi it was tasty and flavourful and rice was perfectly cooked it was generously topped with the dry fruits and salad. With Mandi, we got tomato chutney which was little spicy than the one we have eaten at other places.

So the dinner never gets completed unless and until you finished it with the desserts. So we got Shahi tukda and Khubani ka meetha.



Ambiance: 4/5

Food: 5/5

Service: 4/5

Overall Experience: 4.5/5


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