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Last Friday I have been to this place for a tasting session. We have been invited by the restaurant management. The place has been started operating since last two months and they have received an impeccable response from the customer’s for their food and service.

Talking about the restaurant when you enter inside the place you see nice beautiful Rajasthani décor ambiance which can accommodate pax 60 to 80 people at a time. They don’t have one single cuisine but the mixture of Awadhi, Mugalai, Goan, Odhia etc. While serving the food the management was explaining about the each and every item with smile and courtesy.

So we start with the Crab meat soup it was nice hot and tangy soup with a lot of crab meat chunks than usually, we get in other places. They have amazing veg and non-veg starters like Mushroom Rekak, Bharwan Aloo, Baked Broccoli, Cheese Cottage spinach aioli, Mandil Tangdi, Stuffed Crab, and Prawns in chilli black bean sauce, special surprise dish from the management was Chicken Steak Sizzler and Jumbo Prawns in chilli oyster sauce.

As per my taste palate, I have picked my favorite dishes of the night i.e.

 Mushroom Rekak:  The mushroom was stuffed with the cheese and then baked in a boiler to melt the cheese. It was one of the perfect starts with the starters.  

Baked Broccoli: What should I say about this dish one complete star to keep everyone running behind wit because of the creamy and cheesy sauce covered broccoli which was amazing in taste.

Bharwan Aloo: The boiled aloo were stuffed with some stuffing in the center and garnished with the shredded mozzarella cheese on the top of it. With every single bite, it was getting melted in our mouth.  

 Stuffed Crab: This dish not only interesting in eating but also interesting in the presentation too. The crab meat is cooked with different spices and again refilled back inside the crab cell. So to eat it you need to flip the crab start digging to eat it.

Prawns in chilli black bean sauce: So we have another variant of prawn dish which was cooked with the black bean sauce. The texture of the sauce was lite and creamy in taste which was on over powering on the flavor of prawns.

Jumbo Prawns in chilli oyster sauce: Oh! My was my expression when I saw this size of the prawn with the wide eyes open and mouth drooling with water. This is big no, huge no, humongous I must confess each and every ingredient has played their own role. The sweet and tangy taste from the sauce with the hint of chilli then freshness and moist of the prawns was there. Moreover, it was star dish in terms of flavor taste and presentation.

As we all were completely stuffed with the starters and having the second thought for the main course whether to go for it or not. By the time we decide it the main course started coming to our table. The aroma from each dish was like making us mad. So we decided let’s attack it. The main course was Paneer Begum Bahar, Aloo Dum Banarsi, Dal Tadka, Aftabi Murgh, Bhuna Gosht, Punjabi Murgh Bhun Bhun, accompanied with assorted Indian bread like Angrezi naan, Cheese naan then we had Murgh Nawabi tawa biryani.

There is nothing picky or something special item from the main course everything was perfect and tasty too. What I like over here is about the angrezi naan it was stuffed with the veggies which make it tastier and even we can have it without any curry or gravy item.

Mocktails were okayish for me like there were nothing special or unique drinks that can be focused on.

The experience and food trauma comes to end with these wonderful desserts Apricot Malwa, Lichi gullal. Both the items were unique and different Lichi gullal is lichi pulp is stuffed inside the rasgullah served with liquidy kheer, then Apricot Malwa is apricot dessert topped with vanilla ice-cream and rabdi the sweet and creamy taste to die for.

As I was driven with the food quality and taste that was par the excellent level it took me some time to overcome this trauma to the real world. This place has become one of my favorite places in recent time. And I have enjoyed every bit of my time spent over here.


Ambiance: 4.5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall Experience: 4.5/5


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