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#FOODIESQUAD #FOODKHALIFA we were invited for the food tasting session by the management and the food was on the house. The Park Vue is divided into two section one is fine dining place and another one is Hookah lounge. The fine dining area is on the first floor with the zig-zag area for dining. Though the place is little bit confusion for seating area but I must say it a huge area for dining.


        The place seems to be well organized properly arranged seating arrangements is made for the better dining experience. So the dining area is divided into three area one normal dining area and the next is a little gloomy area with a projector screen for live matches or video songs entertainment and the last section is for huge separate family or team dining which can accommodate around 14 pax.


Chicken Minestrone Soup:

                So I was my choice and a little bit risk thinking what to order first so just tried my luck with this soup and it was bang on man. Nice creamy tasty with a lot of egg whites and chicken pieces too good to start.


Malai Broccoli:

                 So next was big huge pieces of broccoli well covered with the cream and malai and charcoal in tandoor to be good and tasty.


Honey Crispy Veg:

                  The veggies carrot and potato was dipped in lit batter and deep fried and tossed in the honey sauce. Mostly we found carrot and potatoes in the crispy veg.


Jalapeno Poppers:

                    It was nice and semi-triangular shape of popper with lot of gooey cheese and a small portion of diced jalapeno pepper mixed and dipped in the bread crumbs and deep fried. It was accompanied with sweet chilli garlic sauce.


 Chilli Cheese Toast:

                   It was nice and crunchy at the edges of the bread with lot of cheese melted over the bread with the sprinkle of gently chopped green chilies.


Tandoori Prawns:

                     I must say that the prawn size was big nice juicy and well marinated in the spices. As the prawn was cooked in tandoor oven the charcoal flavor and the slightly charred area of prawns was amazing.imag3473-01

Boti Kebab:

              Usually, if you have tried the Boti kebab at any other places mostly they will keep the kebab little under cooked because to keep one big piece as the marination only makes the meat pieces tender and moist so when cooked in charcoal grill it should not scatter. But over here it was one of the best Boti kebab you can have.


 Angara Chicken:

                Nicely marinated the thigh pieces which kept the chicken moist inside the meat and juiciness was there with every bite of the angara chicken.


Pesto Chicken:

              The chicken steaks were well marinated with the pesto sauce and cooked in grilled. As the pesto marinade made the chicken pieces little dry and chewy too.


Black Pepper chicken:

                       Nice hot and crispy chicken dipped in the black pepper battered and deep fried. The moistness of chicken was there perfectly cooked and more overly properly drained extra oily from it.


Chilli Prawns:

          The sweet and tangy flavored prawn’s one of the Chinese dish that has been served to us. Nothing much special about it was as usual taste.imag3495-01

BBQ chicken Pizza:

                    Now the star has arrived in the form of pizza BBQ Chicken Pizza. The thin crust base topped with cheese chicken chunks and more overdressed with the nice lovely smoky flavored bbq sauce which was heaven Lucious.imag3493-01

Alfredo Chicken Pizza:

                   The lovely and tasty pizza which has same thin crust base with nice creamy cheese sauce with the Alfredo sauce on the top with chicken and olives.


Main Course:

            So after wonder starters now we headed towards the main course where we were served Chicken Lababdar, Dum ka murgh, and Nizami Handi along with 4 different variant types of the indian bread basket. As the chicken dishes were amazing and even I like the vegNizamii handi creamy and buttery taste.


       So we have been given choice to order our own mocktails so I have ordered.

  1. Ferraro Rocher Shake
  2. Cool California
  3. Strawberry Surprise


        It was little bit slow as the food good but it was taking little more time than the usually it takes. Little quick can make you and your customer more enthusiast and happy faces with the satisfaction.

Overall Experience:

             The over experience was good we must say that not all the time you can expect everything goes perfectly but sometimes even unplanned things worked out great.


Ambiance: 4/5

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4/5

Overall Experience: 4/5

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