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Rayalaseema Ruchulu has hosted a food tasting session for Foodie Squad and the food was on the house. Rayalaseema Ruchulu serves regional Telugu cuisine from Rayalaseema which has its own style and method of cooking unique style food. As Rayalaseema is famous for factionist or hot tempered people the food also shows the same resemblance of hotness and spiciness in it. The management was generous on us as few of us doesn’t eat that much of spicy food. The place typically featuring the regional ambiance spacious seating arrangement. The set buffet menu has been served to us.



Pesarpappu Garelu:

The Pesarpappu Garelu is kind of dal wada infused with fresh herbs and onions, green chilies which was one perfect starters served with mint chutney.

Palakura pakodi:

The Palakura pakodi is nothing but spinach dipped in the batter of gram flour mixed with coriander powder, cumin powder and other spices. The Palakura pakodi was good it was not tasting little bit of bitterness like we have from different places. It was perfectly tasty but it should be little hot while serving.

Veg Manchuria:

The veg Manchuria was good tasty and spicy too. The taste of Manchuria was not that unique than compare to other places. The taste same as we have in many places but the difference was it was sophisticated plated.


Paya shorba:

The paya shorba is one of my favorite from the non-veg starters. The shorba was perfectly blended with all the spices added to cook the shorba. The meat of lamb leg was perfectly tender and moist. All the flavor of spices were there inside the bone to make it tastier.

Kodi java (country chicken soup):

The Kodi java soup was just like Bengali fish curry (machey jhol) the spices were just like same but the soup was tasty and good. But in that soup cumin was little bit dominating the complete flavor of soup.

Pachhi mirchi chicken kebab:

Pachhi mirchi kebab was good it was marinated with the chilies paste and cooked in tandoor. The chicken piece were perfectly bite size tender and juicy. But it was missing little bit of seasoning otherwise it was excellent dish.

Tawa Chepa fish fry:

The tawa chepa fish fry was good and served hot. The fish was really fresh and tasty with all the spices has been perfectly marinated to the fish. And the fish was fried crisp and soft inside by keeping the fish tender and juicy to taste well.

Pandu fish fry:

The pandu fish fry was also same like chepa fish well marinated with perfectly fried outer side crisp and softer inside with tender and juicy. The difference in this two fish is they are two different varieties fish that has been served to us.

Chicken 65:

The chicken 65 was disappointing one as it was tasting like another Chinese dish rather than the Chicken 65. The taste and presentation of chicken 65 was complete look and taste like chicken majestic.

Main Course:


Bendakaya Vepudu:

The fried bhindhi (Lady Finger) cooked in south indian style and spices infused with fresh chopped garlic cashew nuts and dried long red chillies. The fried bhindhi was a great combo with white rice rasam and gun powder.

Gutti Vankaya Kura:

 The brinjal curry was good spice tangy and flavorful. As the brinjal (Egg Plant) taste like completely bland but the spices it has been cooked was giving flavor to it with the tanginess from tamarind paste and spiciness from chilies was completely perfect combination of flavor bomb.


peethala pulusu (Crab curry):

                                          The crab curry was good tasty and tangy. The crab meat were well cooked and all the flavor were inside the meat which was making it more juicy and tender.

Aloo Royala Iguru (Aloo and prawns curry):

                                            The aloo prawns curry was good aloo and prawns were perfectly cooked but the thing was aloo was little bit dominating the taste of curry as the curry was having amount of aloo due to that the prawns natural flavor was not there.

 Natukodi pulusu (Country chicken curry):

                                      The country chicken curry is one of the famous Telugu cuisine dish which has lot whole spices and as well as powdered spices because of  all these thing the curry is has more rich flavor and texture which makes the soft and tender.

 Guddu Iguru (Egg Curry):

                      The Egg curry is made in typical south style the tangy and spicy curry which has perfect balance flavor with white rice and dal.

Chicken pulao:

                          The chicken pulao was ok. As whole spices where dominating the complete flavor which was giving little bit spiciness in the throat and chicken was dry does not have much flavor in which made it little bit chewy.


Caramel custard, Gulab jamun, gajar ka halwa and Sabudana Payasum the desserts need to be little bit improved as the main course and starters good and dessert has to complement each other properly.


Ambiance: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5

Overall experience: 4/5

Note: The above review is given for food tasting session. And the feedback is genuine without any manipulation.

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