Punjab Grill

Foodie Squad Food Tasting Session. Punjab Grill is a fine dining place which serves Punjabi cuisine. The restaurant has made there foot mark in various cities of India by delivering the best Punjabi delicacy.

              Now they have moved to Hyderabad to conquer the hyderabadi nawabis. The place is really good with the sleek and royal kind off ambiance well seated place.

                        “Yaha punjabiyo ka pyaar hai sab cheez patiyala size wich milta hai”

Welcome Drinks:

We were served with 3 different types of Mocktails which were amazingly good which prove the food journey will be amazingly heavenlicious.



Kur Kur:

               It’s a cheese stuffed inside with other items mixed with and the outer coating done with the seviya which was giving it the real crunch at every bite and complimenting the taste to the cheesy bites.

Dahi Kebab:

                    The Dahi kebab is curd based kebab which tasting both little bit sweet and savory. So soft we you take a bite of it. The kebab bite gets melt in your mouth and it is a perfect mixture of all the spices flavor and taste.

Paneer Tikka:

                     The Paneer tikka it was well marinated and perfectly sliced pieces because of that the paneer got properly marinated in all the spices and the tikka came out perfectly tasty.

Malai Broccoli:

                       The malai broccoli was perfectly tandoor and well tossed up with the spices. And  broccoli which was perfectly cooked and texture was completely blended with the cream and melting in the mouth.


Chicken Tikka:

                      So non-veg starters started with chicken tikka which was perfectly marinated and cooked well as the juicy and tenderness of the meat was showing how perfectly it has been cooked with little bit the char flavor.

Salmon Fish Tikka:

                      Another tikka but this one is coming from seafood the salmon fish which has been cooked in the indian tikka style. The fish marination was like amritsari fish masala and the fish was so tender well seasoning and the thin crust on the above of fish was tasting so good.

Mutton Chops:

                        The mutton chops basically need the perfect cut of mutton ribs pieces which will gives you the better taste when cooked. So the mutton chops were perfectly cooked as the meat were perfectly marinated in the spices. As the meat was tender and moist so it was easily coming out of bones.

Pick from Mix Starters:

                           Veg Kur Kur, Dahi kebabs, Salmon fish tikka and Mutton Chops.

Main Course:

Butter Chicken:

                          It was typical Punjabi butter chicken totally creamy buttery texture of gravy and the chicken pieces were tender and juicy. It has absorb all the flavor from spices in it.

Paneer Lababdar:

                          The paneer Lababdar as the taste and texture of the curry was much more creamy as it the paneer as its main ingredient. The paneer was perfectly pieces as the flavor of the gravy was completely inside the paneer.

Punjabi Dal:

                    As it’s always we expect the same traditional Punjabi dal makhani. But this time it was something different from our expectation that is what we got is Punjabi Dal. The method of Punjabi dal is prepared like dal makhani but Punjabi dal does not contain any cream. The creamy texture of this dal comes from slow cooking style of this dal.


They were three kind of desserts has been served us.

  1. Litchi Ki Tehari:

                        The litchi Ki Tehari was something new for me as I have tasted for the first time. It was good the Tehari was having consistency and with the chunks of litchi was giving the fresh taste of fruit to the dessert.

  1. Gulab Jamun:

                   The gulab jamun doesn’t need ant mark of recognition as it was in perfect shape which absolutely balanced sweet taste.

  1. Phirni:

          Phirni is the dish were I am so obsessed with the taste of it. We always have someone who makes it better and that taste remains in your taste buds. If the dish almost resembles the same taste you had is like happy ending to the musical food journey.


Ambiance: 5/5

Food: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Overall Experience: 5/5

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