Pabrai’s Fresh and Naturelle Ice-Cream

It’s a new ice-cream parlor started its operation 3 months back under the name of Pabrai’s Fresh and Naturelle ice-cream. It’s a Kolkata based ice-cream brand over here it’s a franchise outlet which has been started in madhapur. This brand is over 30 years old previously under the name of Tulika ice-creams which got rebranded as Pabrai’s. I and my Foodie Squad was invited for tasting session.


                 It’s a nice small ice-cream parlor with the seating arrangements. One side of the wall has the feed backs from the customer about the ice-cream and which flavor is best. And the other side consist the pabrai’s journey and list of ice-creams pics.

Coming to Ice-cream:

                           They serve around 50+ ice-cream varieties over here. It has been divided into section one is fruit based and another one is cuisine based. Each of the flavored ice-cream the main ingredient gets imported from different places across the globe.

Ice-Cream varieties are Natural Vanilla, tender coconut, Muskmelon, Apple pie, Orange basil, Sitaphal,   Banana Toffee, Caramel crunch, Gandharaj Lemon, Orange Vanilla, Chocolate Vanilla, Lemon Grass, Ginger Honey, Kesaria Rabri Malai, Chandan, South Indian Coffee, Green Tea, Coffee and Cream, Rose Sandesh, Meetha Paan, Nolen Gur, 5 Spice, Black Sesame etc. We have tasted each and every ice-cream over here but there are few ice-creams which I liked it most.

Must Try Flavors:

Fruit Based Ice-creams:

             I liked Orange & basil, Gandharaj Lemon, Anjeer and Banana Toffee is the must try ice-cream

Exotic based:

                Mocha Almond Fudge, Mascarpone cheese & Candid Fruit, Lemon grass, Rich chocolate Brownie and Chocolate Hazelnut.

Spice Based:

                   You can try Black Sesame, Cinnamon, Honey Ginger, Green tea and Wasabi.

Indian Based:

               You can try South Indian Coffee, Rose Sandesh, Nolen Gur, Meetha Paan,  

 They are specialist with Nolen Gur, Meetha Paan and Rose Sandesh as its Kolkata special dessert which been converted into best ice-cream.

Mrs. Harshitha Nalam being courteous always suggest the customer to taste each flavor one spoon to understand the taste decide which flavor they like most can be ordered.


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