Mamagoto is a known Pan Asian restaurant in Hyderabad for their delectable Pan Asian cuisine and there unique blend of mocktails. Mamagoto has a great blend of street foods from Asian countries. Mamagoto has 13 outlets around 8 different cities across India. I was invited for food tasting session for newly open outlet in kondapur. It’s a second outlet in Hyderabad. They serve Anti-Buffet which is one of the best deal in town with pricing 475++taxes.


Coming to the place it has all vibrant and colorful character from multi-color chandeliers, colorful characters painting from different places hanging on ceiling, Pandas and Chinese colorful trees. Then cushions has nice cartoon printed covers.


Crispy Lotus Stem:

I have tried this before also but the taste what I have here was super. The stems were really crispy and crunchy accompanied with chilly honey based sauce which was giving it a peppery taste.

Hua Hin Highway Rolls:

It’s a kind of spring roll stuffed with crispy asparagus along with cheese infused with lemon grass and deep fried it is served with mama dip.

Java Grilled Tofu:

It’s a tofu marinated in Indonesian sambal and Grilled in banana leaf wrap. It was accompanied with sticky rice sprinkled with red paprika and sliced pickle cucumber. As it was my first try with tofu and I liked it very much.

Cheese & Truffle Oil Dumplings:

Nice small cheese pock dumpling steam and tossed in truffle oil. The taste was simply heavenlicious.

Cheesy Taco:

The tacos were amazing as you take a bite of it and there explode the bomb of different flavor in your mouth cheesy and creamy taste.

Rock Shrimp Tempura:

It was one of the best shrimp tempura we had lite crispy and tasty. It was accompanied with chilli mayo dip which was enhancing the flavor of shrimps.

Hot Basil Chicken Cups:

It’s a chicken kheema cooked with fresh basil, chillies and pepper then served in small lettuce cups on the top of that hot sauce is poured.

Java Grilled Fish:

Fish is marinated with red hot Indonesian sambal and Grilled in banana leaf wrap. It was accompanied with sticky rice sprinkled with red paprika and sliced pickle cucumber.

Chicken Gyoza:

It’s a chicken stuffed dumpling slightly pan fried with spicy momo sauce along with soy sauce and sesame seeds.

Chicken Taco:

It’s a fried chicken along with some veggies topped with chilli honey sauce along with horse radish and crispy fired raw bananas.


  1. Lemon zest and mint lemonade
  2. Blueberry cooler
  3. Watermelon beach
  4. Fresh coconut orange infusion smoothie
  5. Spicy Bloody Marie
  6. Orange and Dragon fruit cooler

From these 6 drinks I liked Blueberry cooler, fresh coconut orange infusion is a must try mocktail and orange dragon fruit cooler.

Main Course:

Masamam Curry:

                  It was sweet thai kind of veg curry served with steam rice which was ok for me.

Chaing Mai Train Station Noodles:

                It’s a Khao Suey where the noodles and chicken were cooked in coconut milk gravy and it was topped with crushed peanuts, fried onions, chillies and other herbs.

Steamed Fish in Green Chilly Sauce:

I like the steamed fish with green chili sauce as the spice level were exactly perfect and it was tasting amazing as all the flavors were exploding in mouth.

Prawns Three pepper:

                The prawns were cooked with three different types of pepper sauce which makes spicy and tasty.

London China Town Chicken:

                   The chicken was cooked in succulent sauce which was making chicken soft and cream texture.

Pad Thai Chicken Noodles:

Its egg noodles with chicken and tofu cooked in hot and sweet sauce topped with crushed peanuts to give crunch to it.


Misthi Doi Cheese Cake:

It’s a sweet yogurt cheese cake topped with blueberry sauce. The combination of these two was giving sweet and tangy taste.

Caramel Sponge Cake with Toffee Sauce:

It was the best dessert I ever I have it the cake was very much soft with caramel on the top then poured the semi solid toffee sauce which tasting deliciously amazing.


Ambiance: 4.5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall Experience: 4.5/5


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