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#FoodKhalifa and #FoodieSquad we were invited for the management of Ministry Of Kitchen for the tasting session and the food was on the house. The place is located on the same route of Banjara hills Sarvi and indique bistro.  M.O.K started its operation almost 4 – 5 months back it is managed by same management of Silver Salt and TGIK.


           The restaurant has an open rooftop and warehouse structure seating area. The warehouse is painted black from the inside with beautiful chandeliers and a retro painting on the wall. Open roof top area is the place to relax and chill in the open air with hanging bottle light. Yes, you have read correctly hanging bottle light and lot plants for freshness in the atmosphere. The place is very much spacious which can easily accommodate people approx.80 – 100.

Welcome Drink:

       We were served with two drinks.

  1. Strawberry Fruit Punch.
  2. Orange Fruit Punch.


     “Tareef karo kiya mein uski jisney issey banaya” really I must confess that I don’t have words to describe the dishes that has been served to us. We were like completely amazed and astonished about the food.

Special Chicken Tikka Kebab:

                                 Mostly when we attend any Muslim weddings in Hyderabad. In the wedding, we will be served with dum ka chicken. And this chicken has the same kind of flavor because the chicken was marinated with the same spices. And this one was just like that but little extra creamy and charred flavor.

Murgh mumtazi tikka:

                     The murgh mumtazi tikka was nice juicy and succulent one with a lot of creamy gravy topped on it. The flavor was completely getting dominated with the creamy textured gravy.

Mutton ghilafi kebab:

                        Like what do say about this one the mutton mince nicely marinated with spices and the herbs then pan fried and cooked with malai gravy. The kebab was in ghilafi shape which perfectly cooked and the gravy flavor was all over the kebab. And it was served in a hot sizzling sizzler.

Mutton Sheekh Kebab:

                    Sheekh kebab as usual one with same spices and charcoal cooked nice moist tender and flavorful. But this one dressed up with lite creamy cream over the top for the presentation but that also enhance the flavor of the sheekh kebab.

Mutton afghani boti:

                     The star hero superstar of the day is Afghani boti the moist and the tender juiciness and the creamy. It was one of the amazing ones and the creamy over the top was like yummy no words to describe it was melting in the mouth soft and smooth.

Murgh Pardha Nashee:  

                     Really the name of the dish and the presentation was perfectly matching one of the humongous dish that has been served to us like mashed potato with cashew and almond paste gravy. Then the whole chicken was stuffed with the chicken minced meat and dry fruits like cashew almond. The gravy was very much rich and heavy. But one negative thing was chicken was under cooked. Otherwise, it would be another star dish for the night.

Paneer Lahori Tikka:

                    The perfect sliced off a fresh, soft and moist paneer which was well marinated in the Lahori spices and cooked in the tandoor oven. It was amazing and paneer was little charred flavorful.

Makai Malai Sheekh:

                 It’s another paneer dish which was a little bit on a sweeter side. Yes it was tasty and flavorful mostly paneer tikka dish will not be this much flavored as all the flavor of the spices doesn’t blend with it.

Main Course:

    As we were so much stuffed with the starters that we just I asked the waiter to just get the biryani that half portion only and the portion that was served to us became like a mountain to us but anyhow we finished it.

Raan Biryani:

               The biryani is cooked with only raan meat of the goat or sheep which takes the certain time to cook one whole complete raan. The rice grain was perfect and flavorful and it was garnished with dry fruits. The meat of the raan was perfectly cooked nice and tender easy to cut down with the fork. We can see the how smoothly the meat strings were getting separated easily.


        “Maximum of the items has fresh creamy and malai usage in the cooking and garnishing on the top of the dish. So this place for the people who love to enjoy their food ;P”

Must Recommended Dish will be:

  1. Mutton ghilafi kebab.
  2. Mutton Afghani kebab.
  3. Special Chicken Kebab
  4. Murgh Pardha Nashee
  5. Raan Biryani.


            The service was good as there were only a few servers were there to serve in the complete restaurant. And the service neither took fast and nor too slow that you have to wait for longer time to get your food.

Overall Experience:

                     The place nice and trendy too which has both open rooftop and a nice new concept of shaded area of nice big warehouse structure with perfect seating area. You can come with your friends and can experience wonderful dinner than can continue with Hookah to relax.



Ambiance: 4/5

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4/5

Overall Experience: 4/5

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