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My dad always calls me lazy person why because I always ran at the very last moment of time to complete all my pending work. So even It goes with my cooking never expected that I have cooked anything perfectly rather than few instances. But yes need to learn a lot about how to cook a good food. So here I got a savior one of my foodie brother Karthik Gandhi Aka Gastro hogger has introduced me to this product which provides you all the ingredients required to cook a perfect dish with 7 step under the minimal time span. So the product was on the house as it was trial tasting session. Cook it yourself (CIY) kind. So I have ordered two item one is seafood Nellore chepala pulusu and another one is Gongura mutton curry.

Nellore Chepala Pulusu:

So I have been asked which fish I want so I have recommended to send me the Reyhoo fish which my dad likes it a lot. And it was perfect Bengali cut what he prefers with all the ingredients from salt, turmeric, tamarind pulp, tomato puree, red chili powder, chopped curry leave green chilies and onions along with Nellore chepala pulusu mix powder. With the perfect 7step, the fish came out perfectly and tasty too.

Gongura Mutton curry:

So I just wanted to try this one too straight away but then dad pitched in and you always either hurry on some thing or you will be late on everything then he suggested me why don’t you try to cooked on Monday morning and see how much time will it take for an office person whether the product suits to them or not. This was the best suggestion as I have tried my lunch cooked by myself it took me 45-50 min to cook it. And it was same all the ingredients were available with perfect amount meat required to.

The portion of both the curries serves 2-3 people max. And they have large amount of varieties under the menu list please check it under the mentioned link Ezy Cooked

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