Lee’s Chinese

When we talk about Chinese cuisine we always see’s the fusion version which satisfy our taste palate and this place serves one of the best Chinese food in hyderabad. The best thing about this place is all the items are made from scratch that too in-house whether it’s Szechuan sauce or spring roll sheet etc. The ambiance of this place is simple chinese decorating like hanging paper lanterns, then little bit of Chinese language signs on the wall. The place has a lot of good vibes and a peaceful to dine in. Food: what is the best way to start your meal is have a good soup and in Chinese manchow is the best to start with it. Nice tangy manchow soup served with crispy fried noodles. Then came satay chicken nice juicy tender chicken strip skewed in wooden skewer and cooked subtle spices along with this peanut chutney was served. Veg spring rolls nice crispy veg spring rolls made of fresh roll sheets which gives more crunch to it and goes best with in-house Szechuan sauce. Sesame Prawns on toast spice mixed prawn meat stuff as patty inside the bread and deep-fried. On the top the sesame seeds are sprinkled. Diamond veg the fresh paneer cut in diamond shape and tossed up in a nice and simple spices which makes the paneer crispy and crunchy the taste is similar to manchuria. Steam Dumplings one of the best momos I have had in recent times and I bet it will remain best till I find something best that can beat this. The momo sauce nice and subtle flavour made of fresh ingredients which was complimenting the flavor of momo instead of over powering it. Hakka Style Tempura Prawns big prawn dipped in Tempura batter and deep fried to a crispy texture tossed in garlic and chilli flakes sauce. Dragon Prawns with szechuan sauce and egg fried rice the stir fried dragon prawn were amazing dry and sharp taste goes well with fried rice as many a time some people loves to have it with gravy so the chef came with an idea to serve it spicy szechuan gravy. The combo of Home Style Chilli Chicken with noodles a thick tangy chilli chicken gravy poured on the top of simple noodles made it a extra ordinary dish and the flavor bust out inside our mouth. Main Course: Buddha Delight is a outmost authentic chinese dish eaten by every Chinese in day to day life and it was recommended by the management. The dish consist of fungus (the big black mushrooms) other veggies and tofu, dish was simple and best. In house Szechuan sauce made egg fried rice lite spicy and a hint of sweet texture flavour. Spicy Green Bean just gralic, chilli flakes and salt stir fried bean was perfect and crunchy. Dessert: So the amazing touch comes with a perfect midas touch. And dessert is that midas touched thing hot dates pancake with a scoop of vanilla icecream was amazing then came fried honey banana batter deep-fried banana drizzle with honey syrup and scoop of ice cream 😘😘😘😘 too good. “Now i wonder why it was said simplicity makes things perfect and best. Same thing goes with this place too.”     




Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall Experience: 4.5/5

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