Air Cafe

Sometime it’s difficult to sort your weekend night plans about where to party and what to do. So here is one place which was recently got revamped previously known as Air Cube now it’s known as Air Cafe. The perfect place for the live music lover’s as you get seats just near the stage where the live band is playing.

Talking about the food there are few items that really surprised me with the taste and flavor out bust inside my mouth.


Corn Cheese Balls was perfect the soft gooey from the cheese served with the lite spicy fresh salsa a great combo to have it. Classic Margarita I have tasted many thin crust pizza but not like this. The thin crust pizza was crusty outside over the edges, soft and moist at the center which i have found out very much rarely at thin crust serving restaurant. Butter Milk Fried Chicken the chicken strips just added seasoning and marinated in a butter milk to make the chicken meat tender then added into the batter and deep-fried. As when you take bite of the chicken you can taste tangy flavor of butter milk. Malai Chicken soft tender thigh meat marinated in the fresh cream and seasoning. The dish was really good but I felt it needed a little bit more seasoning. Cilantro Prawns it was okaish dish but could be great one a little bit more attention required as the prawns were perfectly marinated but it was over cooked i felt a little bit soggy too. Chilly Mushrooms nice flavorful dish with the hint of  lite spiciness. A perfect dish for those whom neither they want too spicy or less spicy. Herb Crust Fried Prawns  here is a one of the star dish that steal the show on the food table. Well bind of spices then crusty fried to give a crunch on the outerside of the prawns. It was served with two dips one was fresh salsa and another one was hummus with peta bread sticks. Tawa Bhuna Gosht the another star dish that was famous us. The delectable taste of the dish made it vanish in just couple of minutes. As the was perfectly spicey that was helping us to gor for it more than other items served on the table. Main Star that stole my mind was tandoori chicken pizza as my both love tandoori chicken and pizza is now one amazing dish that i can go for it at any time of the day. And i know where i can get it.


As we have a couple of wonderful mocktails and there were some bar’s men especial that was amazing.

  • Virgin Lady
  • Mexican Summer
  • Cool on the sun


Ambiance: 4.5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4/5

Overall Experience: 4/5


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