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The Hyderabad’s nightlife has really changed previously people used to think but these lounges and have really done well to pull the crowd and in such places, Tipsy Stories comes too. It is considered one of the most happening places in Hyderabad. The moment you step in you’ll enjoy amazing food, ambiance, music, and crowd.


It has been divided into three segments of the indoor, outdoor, and semi-top roof. The indoor seating area has a pool table and small screen to host live games and it can accommodate around 40 pax and also it can be used for private parties too. The outer section has a centralized bar. Around the bar, you have seating arrangements made with the DJ and dance floor. 



Cheese Kurkure : 

It is something that will be cherished by some cheese lover as it was completely cheezy stuff. It was really good and when you try it with the dips especially the green chutney flavors started busting in my mouth.

Ajwain Fish Tikka:

My love for Ajwani fish tikka will never end. And they also lived up to the mark to make me drool about it. The Ajwain fragrance was strong but the taste was smooth most of the time I have found as the fragrance the taste also gets dominated with the Ajwains flavor that ruins the texture of the fish.

Dahi Kebab :

Dahi kebab was good. As it was a little bit sour and tangy flavor dominating than sweet and soft texture. It was a little bit dry I felt it.

Murgh Banjara :

The Chicken was well marinated with the yogurt and other spices as the meat was nicely tendered. The chicken was perfectly charred grilled where the smokey flavor can be felt on each bite of it.  

Achari Paneer :

It’s a treat for the paneer lover and the vegetarians. Fresh and soft paneer cubes tossed in the achar masala and cooked to perfection. The marination was so good that flavors went inside the paneer.

Malai Broccoli:

One of the best malai broccoli I have tasted recently. Perfectly blanched and seasoned broccoli tossed with some fresh cream and topped with some gooey melted cheese. It was heavenlicious.

Chilli lamb:

Thinly sliced mutton meat dipped in the batter and deep-fried to perfection and tossed in some honey chilli garlic sauce.

Main Course:

Margarita Pizza:

Pizza has become a kind of staple food for all. Margarita is the basic version of pizza yet delicious and flavorful. It was thin crust pizza with a good balance of marinara sauce and cheese amount. Freshly sliced tomatoes have lifted up the taste of the pizza.

Chicken Lasagne:

One of the best Lasagne in town I must say. The soft layers of pasta sheets stuffed with some amazing chicken minced meat cooked in marinara sauce and a good amount of cheese. I must say I have fallen in love with this dish. Too good man too good.

Paneer Kurchan:

Fresh and soft paneer cooked in some amazing thick and rich gravy made of spices and fresh cream. 

English Masala Bhaji:

A suspense dish (contains sliced green zucchini) which was really good.

Kadai Mutton:

There are few dishes that don’t need any more description when its name has been mentioned and this dish belongs to that category. The meat was soft and tender the spice levels were perfect.

Murgh Makhani Masala:

The creamy and buttery texture of gravy. Soft, juicy and tendered chicken pieces dipped in that gravy what a taste man.

Chicken Pan Biryani:

The biryani can be judged by its aroma and presentation whether it will taste good or bad. The aroma from that was coming from biryani was the mesmerizing one and the taste was really good as the rice grain was perfectly cooked and meat stock flavor can be tasted in the biryani.


We have around 7 mocktails and all were really good.


Ambiance: 5/5

Food: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Overall Experience: 5/5

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