Kabara Drive-In

Fat Monk:

We were invited for a food tasting session in kabara drive in. It was organized by zubair. In fat monk we have tried chinese dishes like soup, chicken 65, honey glazed chicken, pepper chicken, and fried prawns. The dish which I liked most was soup, honey glazed chicken and fried prawns were too good. The chicken 65 was also good and tasty. The chicken65 was little bit different from other chicken65 which we have at Chinese places in this chicken65 it was not coated with any sort of flour it was completely pure chicken and tasty too.



Pietza Pizza:

We were invited for food tasting session in kabara drive in by zubair. It’s a pietza pizza where wood fire pizza is being served. We were served with three different pizzas like mutton pepperoni cheese pizza, then we had chicken salami cheese pizza, and finally last but not the least we had Margarita pizza. All the three pizzas where superb and tasty but the star was mutton pepperoni cheese pizza it was too good man.

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