Carpe Diem – “Seized The Day”

Hyderabad has really changed in recent time where lot of new place promising places are coming up in different locality. Carpe Diem is one of those gem that has recently added to the jewel of Hyderabad’s night life and it has started its operation in Hyderabad few weeks ago. It’s a perfect place for the people who love to party or enjoy casual dining.

The place has been divided into two parts pub and restaurant area. The restaurant again divided into three sections two open rooftop seating then open section on ground floor then they have closed PDR area for private dining. The restaurant has stage for live performance for the band’s. Now moving to the club section it’s well decorated with the lights along with huge centralised bar and surrounding space to dance in DJ’S tune.

Let’s talk about food and beverages



Ala funghi soup: love the presentation where mushrooms were assembled on a plate then hit creamy soup is being poured onto it. The soup texture was really good creamy and a strong flavour of mushroom makes you crazy.


Whole pineapple boat salad: A Fruit boat filled with fresh fruit and couple of veggies to enhance the flavours and some crunchy texture.


Maggi cheese balls: It’s a quick bites serving dish for those people who loves quick food to eat.

Potato sphare chat: Shredded potatoes turned into small sphere ball size tossed in whisk curd, green chutney and sweet & sour tamarind pulp chutney. The is just like any dahi chat replacing it main ingredient with potato balls.

Filo parcels: It’s a puff pastry filled with chicken, and mozzarella cheese.

Burmese parcels: Melted mozzarella cheese with steam corn kernels stuffed inside spring rolls wrapped and deep-fried. It can be improved by a little bit of seasoning other wise it’s good.

Bharwan khum: It’s stuff mushrooms nice creamy filling inside and a little bit chard outside has melted like a butter in our mouth.

Vietnamese fresh veg spring roll’s: It was really good dish but the veggies used in rolls very frozen one as we could figure it out with coolness in veggies and it started losing water we had a bite of it.

Non-veg Starters:

Afghani murgh kebab : The chicken cubes were perfectly marinated in yoghurt and other spices as the meat was well tendered and moist inside. And the pieces were easily cut down into bite size.

Mutton galouti kabab: I can count this place as one of those places in Hyderabad that serves the best galouti kebab. Soft and creamy smooth kebab tikkis that get melt in your mouth and the flavours were really good.

Patthar ka gosht: It’s a trademark of Hyderabadi dish and the love for this dish never dies. The meat was so tender and soft it was easily tearing apart. The taste was really good and lite masala from the marination was a little.

Peri Peri prawns: Peri peri masala is my favourite and when my favourite seafood is cooked in that the taste will be amazing. I just loved it the taste, presentation, and the quantity too good.

Chicken 65: The love for this dish will only makes us to crave more and more there is no resistance from it. The taste just reminded us the street taste (Bandi style).


Cheese platters: Who doesn’t love cheese and when you have cheese platter infront of you then you don’t have to look any where. The platter has three cheese feta, American cheese sticks, and mozzarella cheese sticks with Britannia 50/50 biscuits, fresh grapes and walnuts to hog on.

Lamb pepperoni pizza: It’s a huge pizza half a meter long that can stuff atleast 8-10 people. It’s a block buster concept they have came up with instead of multiple pizza’s customer can order one big pizza for the big group of people. The lamb pepperoni was tasty and flavourful.

Goan prawn curry: It’s my favourite dish and I will be coming back to this place just for this dish. The big prawns cooked in coconut milk and served with flavoured rice was something that I cannot explain this in words it’s just has to be felt when you have it.


Chocolate Brownie with vanilla ice-cream: It’s one of the old style American dessert where hot brownies is being served with vanilla ice-cream. It was good but I felt brownie was a little bit hard to break. If they makes it a little soft then it’s a perfect dessert.


Ambiance: 5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4/5

Overall experience: 4.5/5

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