Hyderabad city has open-handed and welcomed the microbrewery and since then the city got many microbreweries open. With such more places in town but one name that I was hearing from the  people and the buzz creator was Broadway. So my curiosity was high to visit this place and check out their amazing food menu and finally I am here.

As soon as you enter inside this place you will witness that this place is really huge and that is the reason that Broadway gets into one of the huge places in Hyderabad which can accommodate at least 200+ pax at once. As on the right side of the entrance, you have a staircase that takes you the theatre kind of seating area layered into four levels. And on the left-hand side, they have got one of the longest bars that Hyderabad has seen it.  



Lemon Thyme Chicken Salad: Salads are the best options to start your brunch and when you have lemon thyme chicken salad in front of you don’t need to look it’s healthy and nutritious.


Cheese Cigar: It’s a cheesy affair for the cheese lover. The cigar was crunchy and crispy the cheese inside was nice and gooey when you bite it the strings come out.

Khumbi Galouti: I have tried many veg galouti kebab but this one has made a special place in my heart because of the main ingredient which is Mushroom. And the texture was creamy and soft inside well-cooked outside.

Spanankopita: It’s a spinach and cheese pie that got an Indian twist as it got the samosa shape served on a tangy and lite spicy sauce.

Onion Rings: The double layer of onions dipped in a batter and deep-fried to a crispy layer outside. The rings were good but it was a little hard due to the thick batter.

Naan pe Taang: One of my favorite dish from the menu as the chicken leg was perfectly marinated in the spices and that can be felt with each bite and the chared layer on the top says that it was well cooked as the meat didn’t lose the juiciness and texture of it.

Mangalorean Mamsam Ghee Roast: It’s a south Indian style mutton meat fried with spicy ingredients in ghee (Clarified butter). The mutton was too good soft and tender with well amount of spice masala around the meat to make it more delicious.

Turkish Chicken Kebabs: The kebabs were delicious as it was well marinated and cooked to perfection. The spice level was mild as Persian cuisine doesn’t use too much of spices.

King Prawns: The size of the prawns were big ones. As per my taste buds, I liked it so much. The spice level was mild which can improve a little bit a few of them got well tossed in the spices and few got less.

Main Course:
Broadway Chicken Tikka Pizza: One of the best pizza I have tasted in recent times and the best part of this pizza was it’s based in every pizza we have regular pizza based but this one has puffed pastry which has multiple layers to give a crunch.

Broadway Paneer Tikka Pizza: It has the same base as chicken pizza but the topping was more delicious than non-veg.

Mutton Rara Combo: The combo portion was good enough for one single person. It consists of dal makhani, mutton rara, Indian bread, rice, raita, and salad served in papad bowl. The meat was really tendered and the spice level was according to the authentic cuisine.

Kolhapuri Chicken and Kadai Paneer Combo: These are two different dishes but contain similar items apart from their main ingredients. The chicken was really spicy and the paneer was mild and creamy in texture.

Spinach and cheese Fatayer: It was good enough which almost had the same taste as spanakopita but it was covered in a hard shell pastry layer.

Mocktails: This place not only serves the amazing food, but they have an amazing mocktail bar that perfectly blends with the dishes.

  • Mint Mad
  • Mango Colada
  • Broadway Refresher
  • Broadway Road


We had 4 desserts Crème Brulé, Gooey Chocolate cake, Blueberry cheesecake, and Panna cotta. My pick will be Crème Brulé, gooey chocolate cake, and blueberry cheesecake are to die for over here.

Ambiance: 5/5
Food: 5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Overall Experience:4.5/5

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