Avi’s Barbecue

So it was a tasting session organized by Lokender Jain getting associated with Avi’s barbecue management. I may not say that new kid on the blog because they are little bit old in the market just few months old. So the cuisine is barbecue style buffet where you get different varieties of barbecue starters, Mocktail drinks, buffet items good amount of varieties in both veg and non-veg and last but not the least desserts. 




We were served with American cheesy potato, Cheese corn balls, Corn-peas kebab, Crispy Corn, Kasundi Paneer, Malai Paneer, Stuffed Mushroom, Potato in honey chilli sauce, Chilli Baby Corn these where good but whereas paneer starters items needs some more attention as the flavor and taste were completely not going inside the paneer properly even though it is marinated for hours.

“The rest of the starters were good my choice is stuffed mushrooms, Cheese corn balls and American cheesy potato”.


We were served with American cheesy potato with lamb mince on the top the non-vegetarian version, Chicken Leg pieces, tandoori carbs, Carbs masala, Rabbit masala, Australian grilled fish, Quail, Fish barbecue, prawns, chilli chicken, Mutton Sheek kebab, and mutton chap. In this only tandoori crab needs little bit attention as because all the masala of tandoori crab was not going inside and due to that the masala while cooking the tandoori crab was getting burned out and tasting the same.

“But still tandoori crabs comes under one of choice of non-veg starter with rabbit masala, chicken leg piece, Australian grilled fish, Quails, prawns and crab masala”.


We were served with five Mocktails

  • Chatka Orange

  • Fruit Punch

  • Virgin Mojito

  • Mango Mocktail

  • Green apple Mocktail

Main Course:

There was good varieties of both veg and non veg items available in the buffet all the items very good as we were almost stuffed with the starter so very less we had it from the main course.


Again it was almost the same dessert kind of spread seen like from all the barbecue buffets restaurants like soufflé, short pastries and Fruit pieces.

Now Surprise from Management:

Two unexpected dishes apart from the set menu provided by the management to us.

One was mutton pulao in Andhra style don’t remember the name of the dish but it was excellent in taste and flavor one of the best dish I had over her. And the next was Avi’s signature dessert the barbecue gulab jamun it was mixed with the savory spices and sweet too well perfectly blend with all the spices and truly barbecued for us. Thanks to the management for the great gesture for us.

Avi's BBQ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Ambiance: 4/5

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4/5

Overall Experience: 4/5

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